DIY Christmas Craft Ideas – How to Make Snowman out of Fabric .

snowman made of cloth

The last time we did a Christmas tree made of cloth , and now I’ll show you how to make a snowman made of cloth with his hands.

1. Take the old sintepon on jackets or a piece of gauze (white fabric). We need three parts


2. Cut them around. Remains syntepon chopped and leave for stuffing. Or, use cotton wool.

cut sintepon
circles of syntepon
pieces syntepon

3. White thread with a needle on the edge of the circle collect tissue in the form of a ball and stuffing. Assembly place sew tightly.

balls syntepon

4. All three balls connected together in shape snowman (just sew together).

the beginning of a snowman

5. Prepare the buttons, beads, thread, wire, a piece of red cloth.

thread and buttons

6. The wire and knitting thread the thread through the “body” – our pens. Twist them into a bundle.

snowman do

7. red cloth is cut in the shape of a trapezoid and sewn (it is desirable that it was similar to the traditional carrot.

sew carrot

8. If you have a “Snegovurochka” then sew from her knitting yarn braids, hair, if the “Snowman” think of his headdress (cylinder, panama, helmet).

9. Then the most burdensome and pleasant – we decorate our beauty, sew: eye – beads, thread eyelashes, red nose, a mouth-button.

You can also sew the buttons in the form of accessories. You can fasten her necklace and crown – everything you would ever think. I wanted to put it kokoshnik and skirt of lace and a snowman on the “hang” a piece of fur in the form of vests. And we sew gloves.

hair snowman
snowman made of cloth
Snowman from svoimirukami tissue

Still, the New Year can do something magical, like a stick or card desires .


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