DIY Christmas Crafts – How to Make handmade Mitten for gifts !

Making a child a gift, you always want to design it in an original way. Children are always happy with everything new, and it is especially interesting when gift packaging can be used in the future, and not just discarded. The child gets a favorite toy and decoration on the tree, and you can also use a mitten to store small toys or, for example, colored pencils, so the child will quickly become accustomed to the order. You can hang a mitten in any place that is convenient for the baby. This mitten can be filled with sweets or some small gifts and hidden under a pillow, a Christmas tree on New Year’s Day or on the day of St. Nicholas.

Mitten for gifts home

Mitten for gifts

For work you will need:

– Sacking (in this case it is a bag of coffee beans).
– Scissors.
– The needle.
– Glue.
– Twine.
Decorative “Santa Claus”.
– Chalk.
– Decorative snowflakes in red.
– A bundle in the form of a Christmas tree in green.
– Small decorative flowers of red and white color.
– Synthepone (or cotton wool).
– Capron’s ruche of red color.
– White lace, 1.5 cm wide.

Mitten for gifts 1

On the burlap mesh we draw mitten.

Mitten for gifts 2

Cut out the contour with sharp scissors.

Mitten for gifts 3

It turns out such an article with an intermediate result.

Mitten for gifts 4

From the burlap we stretch the thread for stitching.

Mitten for gifts 5

Sewing and twisting. You can also iron the burlap with an iron.

Mitten for gifts 6

To the bottom of the homemade we glue the sintepon.

Mitten for gifts 7

A little higher than the synthepone we glue Santa Claus and herringbone .

Mitten for gifts 8

From the top of the mitten we recede two centimeters and sew white lace.

Mitten for gifts 9

Above the white lace we sew a ruche of red color.

Mitten for gifts 10

Cut snowflakes from the thread.

Mitten for gifts 11

We choose a suitable snowflake and paste it onto our creation.

Mitten for gifts 12

Now glue small red flowers.

Mitten for gifts 13

Between the red flowers we glue white. A few white flowers are attached to the ruche.

Mitten for gifts 14

Cut the twine about 15 cm long.

Mitten for gifts 15

At the ends of the twine we paste decorative flowers, make a loop and sew on to the fabric .

Mitten for gifts 16

That’s all, the mitten for gifts with their own hands is ready. Fill it with your favorite delicacies of your children. All with coming holidays.

Mitten for gifts 17

Mitten for gifts 18

Mitten for gifts 19


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