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Now we will create a complex, but very beautiful hand-crafted article at the dacha. Namely, a street lamp with its own hands in a large glass flask inside with a twig of wood. We were pleased to provide this master class to a friend in this specialty. Making a homemade takes almost the whole day, and beginners have more than a day.

It is necessary to create a base of cement, in this basis there should be a place for electronic microcircuits. This is to ensure that the garland glows and plugs into the outlet. The most difficult to fit the size of the cement base under the glass flask.


How to Make Handmade Lighting !

So, we take a special material and make the insides for the electrical circuits. We create a special markup using a ruler and a pencil.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 1

Make a circle and glue both edges together.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 2

Cut out the bottom, and then glue it with hot glue from a special gun.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 3

Take the steel sheet, we will twist it inside the flask and fill it with cement, thereby making the base for the luminaire .

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 4

Draw the longitudinal horizontal lines to determine the boundaries.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 5

That’s how they will look.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 6

We twist the steel sheet and insert it into the flask.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 7

Fasten the edges and fix the size.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 8

Now we glue tight borders on the border, which we then remove and give the appropriate shape of the base.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 9

The most important thing is to make the limiters even, on the same level.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 10

Draw the circle on the foil, and then the circle of the inner empty hole.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 11

Spread the inner circle with a glue gun.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 12

We put on the glue the walls of the inner hole.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 13

Then fix the temporary flask.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 14

We mix the cement and pour it inside the steel flask.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 15

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 16

When the cement is dry and frozen, we remove the iron frame and remove the temporary rubber strips.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 17

That’s what we got. We see some irregularities.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 18

Here is the bottom in an inverted form.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 19

Using special tools, we rub the irregularities and smooth the walls.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 20

Choose a beautiful branch of birch and blow it out with black paint from the can.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 21

Straight in the center of the base make a hole. We use an ordinary drill.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 22

We do the fitting. We put the tree in the hole and put on the glass bulb.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 23

At the bottom, we drill a hole for the wires.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 24

We insert the cable and fix it with glue.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 25

Through the upper opening, we also pass the cable and connect it with garlands.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 26

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 27

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 28

We put garlands in the flask.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 29

Then we shove the tree and wind it with garlands.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 30

Carefully connect both parts of the lamp .

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 31

Bottom where the chips, glue a soft but dense bottom.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 32

Here’s a street lamp we got.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 33

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 34

We insert power.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 35

With the help of the remote control you can control garlands.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 36

Particularly beautifully crafts pot looks at night.

Svetilnik-dlya-ulitsy-svoimi-rukami 37


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