DIY Crafts – Home Decor – Recycled Tin !

If you want to do an unusual thing for a summer residence, decorate it, then take as a basis for many cans. They are very easy to create crafts, practical and unusual look at a country house. Like last time, for the candlestick we paste tin adhesive tape beautiful, but today, I propose to simply decorate it with wooden clothespins. Such crafts decor can be used as a candlestick or stand under the pot to the flower.

Decor tin home

We need to buy ordinary wooden clothespins, and super glue. Banks desirable to clear the stickers.

Decor tin 1

Banks smear edge super glue and put on pegs. Whatever they were put close to each other and at the same height.

Decor tin 2

In the end this is what should happen. In the center a place for a candle or a flower pot with.

Decor tin 3

A flower should not be too large, the right size and shape.

Decor tin 4

Also, it is possible for a romantic evening to put into fragrant candles.

Decor tin 5

You can decorate the additional elements of this hack.

Decor tin 6


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