DIY Crafts – How to Make a Doll out of Plastic Bottle – Recycling Ideas !

During holidays, be sure to give gifts, especially when they are done with their own hands, in this article you will learn how to make a doll out of a plastic bottle, it will be a doll box in which to store valuables. Just for the holidays is a good gift Lizun or exclusive card .
Crafts done easily, but that would make it necessary to comply with phasing and not to deviate from the course of manufacture.

doll out of the bottle

Materials for crafts:

Plastic bottle.
Baby doll, Barbie is desirable.
Melt glue.
Two satin ribbons 3 and 1 cm.
Braid, preferably pink.
Lace usual, pink.
A small strip of chiffon.
Two spunzhika (this cosmetic wheels).

All materials are in most cases required to sew dresses for dolls.
Step by step photo instruction you are presented below, with a short description of the main points.

1. Take the bottle and cut off from it only in the neck.


2. Next, cut the front of the bottle, and then back.

bottle cut

3. Take the Barbie doll and cut in half.

doll making box

4. The upper part of the doll Melt glue to the top of the cut bottle.

doll out of the bottle

5. Now make the lining of the inside of the box, you need two spunzhika and a piece of chiffon. Repeat the steps in the photo.

6. Impose on spunzhik chiffon and stitched by it on the sewing machine. It turned bedplate.


7. A strip of chiffon on the one hand to gather in assembly and sew it to the bottom.

8. Now take the two plastic pieces and glue them to the bottom of a chiffon himself.

9. We connect the two parts of our boxes as chiffon, folded several times.

10. Sew a dress – you must sew together lace and ribbons.

11. Make the assembly.

12. Make the assembly sticking to the box, the bottom part.

13. The second assembly must be the same.

14. Next, we braid sticking on the edge.

15. At the top of the doll’s box from a plastic bottle we do three ruffles.

16. At the same breast doll cut out the material and sticking.

doll and bottle

17. The upper part of the dress of lace doll making.

18. Make a frill of lace only, it we close the portion between the dress and the body.

19. Belt braid, do not forget to do and of course sticking frill.

20. Make a hat for doll-boxes. Take the lace and ribbon, collect them in a circle, the same tape and prostrochite separately along, do the assembly. Top doll hats turned.

21. The two parts glue and glue the top of the bow.

22. The hat worn on the doll, hand-made article from a plastic bottle and cloth ready.

Doll from a plastic bottle
Doll made of cloth and bottles
Doll from the bottle
how to make a doll out of a plastic bottle


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