DIY Crafts – How to Make a Felt Bag Organizer !

In this master class we will make very original accessory made of felt – bag organizer for various trifles needlewoman, decorated pillow-knitting head. This sort of thing is always handy and can be used in interior decor.

Bag organizer main

Bag organizer of felt for needlewoman own hands

For tailoring of the crafts need such tools and materials:

• felt, red, black, yellow or other colors on request;
• Acrylic yarn in the color of the felt;
• sintepon;
• hot-melt adhesive;
• Pencil;
• a piece of chalk;
• pins;
• needle;
• line;
• scissors.

Organizer Bag 2

Choose for the base handbag felt of yellow color, and cut out of it in a rectangle 40h12 cm. On one side we do rounded corners. You can use some round object and cut around it. We draw the handle of a handbag.

It is better to draw a chalk line, as it is well cleared and will not be visible or drawn parts, if the edge with a pencil is hidden inside. Pencil in a master class is used for an illustrative example.

Bag organizer 3

Fold the felt in half and cut off angles from the second edge. By bending back down to 3 cm, and draws the line. From this line of retreat of 9 cm and draws a second line. Making indentation line from the top 2cm and draw a hole for the handle. First, we conduct a parallel line to 7 cm long, leaving both sides of the same distance, and then from one end of the line to the other wire arc that follows the shape of the handle.

Bag organizer 4

Above the fastening pin 2 layer and cut a hole for the handle in two layers.

Organizer Bag 5

Before assembly, all the parts into one bag, decorate it the front of the flower-pillow for needles.
Batt cut from black circle with a diameter of 8 cm. From the red felt cut petals 6 with a diameter of 4.5 cm. Petals form should be slightly flattened and the base straight line.

Handbag organizer 6

Sewn edge every detail seam “forward needle”, picking up the thread color. Black middle of a flower sewn completely and petals sewn on only one end of a straight line to the other. At the end of every detail of delaying and tying knots to keep in shape.

7 Organizer Bag

Bag Organizer 8

Before you glue all the details of flower , you need to try on some of the front of the bag, in order to know how to properly place. Black middle, in the end will have to cover all the edges of the petals.
Apply a hot melt adhesive on the edge of the petal-stitched and tightly glue it to the base. It is necessary to fix a few seconds, so that part did not become unglued.

9 Organizer Bag

Sticking petals all around. In each lobe through free holes put syntepon pieces so that it was not visible from the tissue.

Bag Organizer 10

In the middle of a black felt we place sintepon, giving it the appropriate form.

Bag Organizer 11

Apply glue to the edge of the center and tightly glue in the middle of a flower.

Bag Organizer 12

Now it is necessary to prepare the sidewalls and pockets for them. Cut the yellow batt two rectangles with dimensions in cm 9h6, one black 7h6 cm in size and one black 7×8 cm in size.
Yellow felt – is the foundation and the inner part, and black – this pockets and the outer part.

Organizer Bag 13

One edge of the two blanks of black felt a loop sewn seam. This will be the upper edge of each pocket.

Bag Organizer 14

One pocket sewn to the yellow felt, put them together exactly along the bottom edge. The seam in the middle of doing. It turns out holes for two oblong objects: needles, pencils, hooks, tweezers, etc.

Bag Organizer 15

At the bottom of the second pocket is necessary to stitch the two folds and fit it to the size of the yellow base. Fastening two pieces with pins.

Bag Organizer 16

Performing drawing, we draw the two lines, the distance between which is equal to 9 cm. As time between these two lines our disposal preform sidewall edge and begin to crosslink circularly yellow threads.

Organizer Bag 17

Bag Organizer 18

Next a loop seam edge process all handles and upper edge walls. So handles bag will be more dense and the bag will last longer.

Bag Organizer 19

That such is obtained bag organizer of felt with their hands for the needlewoman.

Bag Organizer 20

Bag Organizer 21

Bag Organizer 22

Bag Organizer 23

Since the bag is obtained is very light, it is not worth it to overload on the sides too heavy objects. It is more intended for accessories designed for sewing and embroidery.

Bag Organizer 24

Organizer Bag 25

Bag Organizer 26

Bag Organizer 27

Bag Organizer 28

Bag organizer 1


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