DIY Crafts – How to Make a Vase with Polymer Clay .

In the master sculpting class I will tell you how to make a vase out of clay with their hands. You will be able to sculpt this creature at the simple scheme with step by step picture and description. This will fill up your collection of home-made plasticine toy and you will learn some of the secrets of modeling.


We need four colors: red, blue, purple, blue. For myself, you can choose the color at will, it does not play any role. We will need to create eight rings, four pairs of different sizes. Just do not forget to use a plastic knife, it helps to cut the material.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 1

Knead it thoroughly that he became pliable and soft. Making clay oblong.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 2

Roll out the clay into long, thin to get a piece. Following the example of the blue, divide in half.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 3

We turn off the blue strip in a circle.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 4

From lilac plasticine make a circle slightly larger in diameter.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 5

Of even greater blue diameter.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 6

And the big red circle will be.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 7

Similarly, we do the second ring.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 8

We begin to collect a vase . Put the blue ring and on top of his lavender.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 9

Still above the blue ring is put.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 10

And red completion.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 11

Next, in the opposite order. On the red ring put the same red.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 12

Behind blue.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 13


Vaza-iz-plastilina 14

At the end of the blue ring put plasticine. And ready our modest vase , made with his own hands.

Vaza-iz-plastilina 15


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