DIY Crafts : How to Make Beautiful Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower .

Kanzashi technique has become popular in recent years in the circles of domestic masters. This popularity is understandable: from the minimum amount of materials available can make a stunning floral arrangements. In addition, these flowers of satin ribbons have a very believable “anatomical” features, demonstrating the amazing similarity with live flowers . And this pattern is particularly clearly seen on the example of the master class of roses kanzashi of satin ribbons, production of which we are going to demonstrate at the photo.

Rose kanzashi master class main

What is required for the manufacture of the master class kanzashi roses of satin ribbons:

– Satin ribbon width of 2 cm or more (the more the width of the tape, the larger will be the details of the rose and the flower itself as a whole).
– Scissors.
– Candle.
– Tweezers.
– Glue gun.

Rose kanzashi master class 1

Step 1. Make the petals of rose .

For the manufacture of petals we need squares of satin ribbon. Their location on the edge of the slice immediately burn, so that the tape does not roll in.

Rose kanzashi master class 2

Fold the square in half diagonally.

Rose kanzashi master class 3

Then Fold the corners of the resulting triangle to its apex.

Rose kanzashi master class 4

We fix the resulting preform with tweezers and send it “on fire.”

Rose kanzashi master class 5

Need a little podplava tape on the end to all the fragments in place of the melting stuck together.

In accordance with this procedure is done three kinds of blanks differing spacing wrapped “ears.”

Rose kanzashi master class 6

We need:

the narrowest blank – 5 pcs .;
the average width of the workpiece – 10 pcs .;
the widest blanks – 15 pcs.

Rose kanzashi master class 7

Step 2: Gather the rose.

Getting Started with the small petals – twist the first and the subsequent wrap around it, fixing the base melting.

Rose kanzashi master class 8

All 5 twisted petals.

Rose kanzashi master class 9

Now glue the petals medium width. Output – glued all 10 petals.

Rose kanzashi master class 10

It is noticeable that the rose is not yet completely formed – lobe is clearly not enough.

Adding another 15 petals (widest) – get a completely self-sufficient rose.

Rose kanzashi master class 11

Bud can be formed as long as you do not decide that the rose is quite smooth outline (diameter), and a sufficient number of petals.

At the final stage, you can drip on the pitch a couple of drops of hot melt adhesive, which hardens when will have a view of the dew.

Rose kanzashi master class 12

In the manufacture of such kanzashi roses of satin ribbons is no big deal. Try to verify this by yourself – make one or two roses, for example, to decorate the frame, wedding glasses, hair clips, brooches, rim and other such accessories.


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