DIY Crafts – How to Make Hair Accessories out of Satin Ribbon !

If you are going to a theme party, your image may well complement the simple and at the same time a beautiful ring with flowers of satin ribbons with their own hands.


For the master class will be required:

• foamiran;
• very thick wire;
• for thin bead wire;
• satin ribbon width of 5 cm;
• Gun melting;
• satin ribbon width of 2.5 cm;
• Tweezers;
• candle;
• scissors; beads of different diameters;
• silver beads.

Creating colors for this rim is very laborious process that will take time, but will be pleased with the result. The color of the finished product, you can choose at its discretion. The main thing that all was harmonious. Since the workshop was carried out for a particular image, and the rim is made in the appropriate color.

Making the petals from a wide satin ribbon is very simple. It is necessary to cut the ribbon to a length of 2.5 cm. Then we put together 4-5 segments, holding the fingers and cut lepestochek throughout. All you need to prepare a 65 petals of this size to 5 flowers.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 1

The edge of each petal on the need to sear candle, spending very quickly.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 2

Now add up the tab inside out and clamping forceps with one end closer to the fold. Place the fold is necessary to carry out a candle flame. At what is the place where there is more heat need forceps, and the remaining region does not touch the flame. Make sure that the flame does not get dirty tape.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 3

From foamirana suitable color cut out 10 circles with a diameter of 3 cm. On one circle begin to spread the petals. Placing the two first opposing seats folded. Then fasten the rest of the petals with hot melt glue. Number 8 is the bottom layer of petals of a flower.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 4

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 5

Make a second row of 5 petals and fasten it on top.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 6

Now make the pitch in the same manner, but from the tape 2.5 cm in width. Making petals 25 4 cm in length and 25 petals length of 3 cm. We make them in the same manner as it did with the first.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 7

First fastening pitch length of 4 cm to 5 pieces and a third layer fastened to a flower, then the smallest in the same manner. In the middle and pour the hot-melt very quickly fall asleep silver beads. Fingers dent beads into the adhesive so that it does not then showered.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 8

The rim will be very thick wire. Make a pre-measurement volume of the head, where the ring will be located, and fasten both ends of the wire to the desired length. The wire you need to wrap a strip foamirana width of 1 cm. Immediately do this at an angle, and then there will be extra folds.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 9

Fasten the first flower to the rim. This will be the front part. The rim must be held exactly in the middle of the circle on the wrong side of the flower .

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 10

Black beads strung on a wire and twisting. Do some alternate loops and beads with beads in a single twig. Make as many branches as you see fit.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 11

Fasten the back of the twigs and cut off the excess wire. They need to peek out from under the flower.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 12

Cover the underside of the remaining circles of Thomas.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 13

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 14

Here’s a beautiful ring you can make your own and add to the image, for example, on Hallowe’en theme.

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 15

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 16

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 17

obodok-iz-atlasnyh-lent 18


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