DIY Crafts – How to Make Handmade Fabric Flowers .

Flowers from tissue obtained especially gentle and realistic, therefore presenting to your attention a master class on production of poppy with their hands out nazhelatininnoy tissue. You will be provided with a detailed description and step by step pattern with a photo.


To produce a flower, we need:

– Any lightweight fabric (satin, silk, satin, chiffon, etc);

– Instant gelatin;

– Water;

– A pair of scissors;

– Dark thread;

– Cut organza;

– Green satin ribbon;

– Wool;

– Glue gun.

First, we need nazhelatinit tissue. It needs to connect two teaspoons of gelatin with a glass of cold water and left for 30 minutes. Once the gelatin must swell in a water bath to dissolve it, but do not bring to the boil.

Now, in the gelatin solution cooled tissue segments can be lowered gently to remove excess gelatin fingers and leave, for example, on the clothesline to dry. When the fabric is completely dry, it is ready for use.

Now we take our billet petals encircle them on the fabric and cut.

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 1

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 2

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 3

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 4

Now you need to create a texture of petals, so we will use the cold crimping. Take organza cut and folded in half petal invest in it, so that the folds are touching.

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 5

Press the right hand lobe and the left hand take the free edge organza much we stretch and without pressure releases the right hand, remove organza counterclockwise!

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 6

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 7

These are textured petals turned.

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 8

Now we make the middle of the poppy . To do this, take the green ribbon and cut a small circle.

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 9

Sews it in a circle, fill with cotton wool, well-contractible yarn and knot tying. Then we do a simulation with threads poppy boxes!

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 12

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 10

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 11

In addition, it is necessary to make the stamens. To do this, you just need to wind the thread on the fingers, the more turns – the stamens are more elaborate. But, in general, need to do a minimum of 50-60 turns of thread.

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 13

When the threads are wound, carefully remove them with your fingers and tie in the middle.

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 14

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 15

Now glue the poppy box and stamens.

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 16

After that you can start gluing the petals starting with the youngest. This poppy can be attached to a hairpin or rim. And you can supplement the stem of wire and used for decoration.

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 17

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 18

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 19

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 20

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 21

Mak-iz-tkani-svoimi-rukami 22


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