DIY Crafts – How to Make Handmade Hair Accessories !

Garnish with creative hairstyle can rim, to be in the “up” with fashion. This is a great accessory to create a spectacular image of the day and evening. Create it can be such as will allow you to your imagination, it depends on the time of year and your mood. Using different colors, sizes beads, you can create an exclusive circle. With the original wrap your hair style will always be irresistible.

Decoration main hoop

To work you will need:

– Hoop (better to use a rubber, it is perfectly bends and does not break).
– Red beads.
– Black beads.
– Wire black 0.8 cm.

Decor Wrap 1

Clippers cut the wire length of 50 cm.

Decor Hoop 2

On the wire strung beads.

Decor Wrap 3

One end of the wire anchoring the middle of the hoop.

Decor Wrap 4

Screwed bead at a distance of 2 cm from the hoop.

Decor Hoop 5

Alternating colors of beads, each separately attach to the hoop.

Decor Hoop 6

When the wire is over, well it is fixed to the hoop.

Decor hoop 7

Then cut off one more piece of wire 50 cm and fasten to the hoop.

Decor Hoop 8

In the same way, on the hoop anchoring beads, gradually reducing the distance between the beads and hoop .

Decor Hoop 9

Recent beads firmly fixed on the hoop, leaving the distance between them.

Wrap 10 Decor

Again, cut off a strip of wire, fix it in the middle and fasten beads.

Decor hoop 11

We perform all the above actions, anchoring beads on hoop permanently closing the distance between them, the colors alternate.

Decor hoop 12

That’s it, wrap with decorative beads ready. Create with love, improvise, add different colors .

Decor hoop 13

Decor hoop 14

Decor hoop 15

Decor hoop 16

Decor hoop 17

Decor hoop 18


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