DIY Crafts – How to Make Handmade Leather Bracelets !

In their childhood, many of us did garlands of paper eights folded in half. To make these garlands was very simple and fast, because only the last link had to be glued together. These paper garlands usually adorned our room or school class before the New Year. Later, using this technique, we were happy to make bracelets and belts from leatherette and even from leather from old bags or boots.

Leather bracelet

But the right proverb: “The new – it’s all well-forgotten old.” And today it is also possible to make original leather bracelets with our own hands in the same way as our paper garlands, with the technique. You will learn how to make a bracelet made of leather, a beautiful strap to your handbag, a fashion belt or a beautiful finish for sandals. Such leather bracelets will become an integral part of your inimitable image. You can make bracelets from the skin of white or blue, then your image will be executed in a romantic style. But you can make such a bracelet in half an hour and no super special skills or skills are required for this. So dare!

In order to make leather bracelets you need to prepare yourself:

• imitation leather or pieces of skin;
• scissors;
• cardboard;
• glue for the skin;
• one button;


Leather bracelet

1. Draw on the cardboard pattern of the sign of “infinity” in full size. Remember, the sign itself is bigger, the links of the bracelet are wider. When you make a pattern, you need to take this into account.

Eight on paper

2. Cut out a pattern from the cardboard and apply the details of the bracelet to the skin or leatherette.

We prepare a bracelet
Bracelet on a leather bracelet

3. Now cut out the details with the scissors. You need to do this slowly and very accurately, because your accuracy will depend on the appearance of your bracelet.

Bracelet leather

4. Then you need to bend the first link in half and glue the two sides with glue.

Bracelet links

5. Next, insert one after the other into the resulting hole in the links of your bracelet, while gluing the edges of each eight.

a bracelet

6. The last link must be glued completely. After the end of the work, you must put the bracelet under any press and leave it there until it dries completely.

Leather bracelets

7. At the edges of the bracelet, attach a button using a special tool or simply sew it to fasten the bracelet.

Leather bracelet how to make

A leather bracelet is ready, it looks exactly like that.

Leather bracelet with your own hands

Not difficult at first glance work, but relatively very painstaking. Try also to make a tree of cones or learn how to make a wish card correctly.



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