DIY crafts How to Make Handmade Paper Flowers !

Today we will learn from you and learn how to make a handmade rose out of paper .
I’ll tell you about the fastest way, which spent about five to ten minutes.
These roses made independently, can be used as decoration in a stylish room.
And so, let’s start.

Roses of paper with his own handsWhat would make paper roses with my own hands, we need this material:

– the squares of construction paper, the exact size of 10×10 centimeters, preferably red;
– dried branches of any tree;
– a pair of scissors;
– elegant vase;
– glue;

We will do everything step by step:

1. Draw a maze (spiral) on the red square.
we do roses

2. Next, cut out the painted spiral precisely and accurately.
cut flower

3. Take the spiral cut and starting with the outer end of its twist.
rose with his hands

4. Firmly, spin started the roll to the end and at the bottom of glue to secure the inner end.
Roses do paper

5. Our rose paper ready.
Roses of paper with your hands do

6. The next step is to cut out a leaf, make it believable.
Roses Paper

7. Merge rose and leaf and gently skewer them on a dry twig, Rose did not disintegrate because it holds the sheet.
Roses Paperwork

8. The final touch is to put our created a bouquet of roses in a vase.
Roses of paper with his own hands

That’s all “recipe” how to make a rose out of paper for a few minutes. I think you are on the product spend as much time as well as to read this article.

Roses of paper with your hands 10

So I advise to learn to make flowers from plastic bottles or gift box with his hands .


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