DIY Crafts – How to Make Home Decor With Magnet and Yarn !

Almost every house there are remnants of yarn, as many mothers and grandmothers knit. There are a great way to recycle old Hanks. To do this, you can make magnets, which are suitable for gift mothers, grandmothers, sisters, colleagues. Time for the manufacture of the magnet leaves small, and can be used as decoration, everything that you can find at home, any small beads and decorative elements.

The magnet of the main yarn

For the manufacture of magnets will need:

– Yarn;
– A template out of cardboard in the form of a figure 8;
– A pair of scissors;
– Magnet;
– Decorative apples;
– Decorative flower;
– Decorative leaves;
– Glue “Moment of Crystal”.

Magnet from yarn 1

The carton blanks are tightly wrapped with yarn, in order to leave no gaps, coat with a small portion of the template with glue, yarn and wrap it so continue until all eight obernёm.

The magnet of the yarn 2

For the eight glue a magnet. You can cut the old magnet, as the magnet will approach from the “Marshmallow Froot Loops” and chocolates are common magnets .

Magnet yarn 3

Overturn eight apples and glue.

Magnet yarn 4

By wire from apples glue decorative leaves.

Magnet yarn 5

On the glue leaves flower .

Magnet yarn 6

That is all the magnet with your own hands is completely ready. You can use yarn of any color, that which you have.

It turns out a budget gift that you make with your own hands. And that will surprise the person to whom you will present it.

Magnet yarn 7

Magnet yarn 8

Magnet yarn 9

Magnet from yarn 10


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