DIY Crafts – How to Make Snails with Dough – Crafts for Kids !

Today I tell you how to sculpt snail from clay with their hands, the master class as usually done in the form of step by step and give the photo. In addition to snails, it is necessary to create ornaments for them, namely flowers. Homemade medium difficulty, children will be difficult, so parents should help them. It will be especially difficult to choose the necessary colors for creating snails and flowers. In total, nine colors of plasticine will be used, so much we have never taken. Pink, orange, red, green, blue, beige, purple, white and black. And now we will proceed to the article, which took about forty minutes.

Snails with Dough
Snails with Dough

Prepared all the necessary colors of plasticine, together with a plastic knife.

Snail from plasticine 1

From the very beginning we will make a shell for a snail. Roll out the long sausage lilac.

Snail from plasticine 2

Twist it like this, very much like a shell.

Snail from plasticine 3

Further a trunk. Make a small sausage of beige color.

Snail from plasticine 4

Bend it in the middle at 90 degrees, making a small arc.

Snail from plasticine 5

Press one end with your finger. To be more precise, it must be flattened and a small cavity made.

Snail from clay 6

That’s what should happen.

Snail from plasticine 7

We combine armor and body.

Snails with Dough
Snails with Dough

Since our snail will be childish, make eyes and mouth. Roll two white balls, two black balls and one orange.

Snail from plasticine 9

Black balls are put on white, which flattened. Eyes turned out.

Snail from plasticine 10

Glue the eyes on the head, and then the mouth and make a small incision with a knife.

Snail from plasticine 11

Now, even more decorate our creation and blind the hat . We need two blue balls, one more, and the other smaller.

Snail from plasticine 12

The ball that more needs to be slightly flattened.

Snail from plasticine 13

We place the small ball from above on a flattened large ball.

Snail from plasticine 14

We put on the cap on the snail.

Snail from plasticine 15

The first creation is ready.

Snail from plasticine 16

Now let’s make the flowers. Make eight green balls for the leaves. And also, roll out three sausages for flowers, red, blue and pink.

Snail from plasticine 17

Like the shell of a snail, twist all three sausages.

Snail from plasticine 18

That’s what should happen. This will be our flowers .

Snail from plasticine 19

Green balls must be flattened.

Snail from plasticine 20

It is not necessary that the green blanks were the same size.

Snail from plasticine 21

For two large flowers, three leaves are to be glued on, two orange ones.

Snail from plasticine 22

The second cochlea is done similarly, only the green body, the red shell and the cap in a twisted form, like the flowers.

Snail from plasticine 23

Here such crafts have turned out, snails from plasticine to make not difficultly the hands.

Snail from plasticine 24

Snail from plasticine 25

Snail from plasticine 26


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