DIY crafts – How to Make Weaving Baskets With Newspaper !

When girls have nothing to do, I advise them to learn different things from weaving newspaper tubes. Today we will learn to make a round box, similar crafts we have spun, it was a box and the usual box for beginners. Newspaper homemade interesting look, but do not always like the girls, so a master class on the fan.


Prepare more tubes newspaper, take a pair of scissors, glue, pen and clothespins. And we begin to twist the bottom of the box. Thoroughly coat with white glue and wound more and more tubes. The diameter of the circle should be 15 centimeters.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 1

Cut the newspaper rolls into equal pieces. Take one piece and wrapped around the handle, the edges of fastening a pin and a pre-glue.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 2

That’s how it all looks, wait until prosohnem glue.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 3

Teardrop-shaped parts must be the same size, so we take as the basis the handle.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 4

Rounded edge down to the sticking parts round basis. All joints coat with glue.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 5

Top placing another layer of the same items, but the tip down, i.e. overturn.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 6

We are making the ring of the same diameter as the bottom.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 7

Glue it on top. Wait until the design is completely dry.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 8

Create a cover of similar circle that did for the main body and that such a drop-shaped flower with similar but elongated items.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 9

Glue two parts together.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 10

On top of the cover is pasted small circle, a coil of tubes. Stain box in white acrylic paint.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 11

And the next step is up to you, you can leave the box white and can be painted here in a brown color.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 12

Get a nice decoration on a sideboard or table.

Kruglaya-korobka-iz-gazetnyh-trubochek 13


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