DIY Crafts for your Kids – How to Make a Butterfly out of Fabric !

I’ll tell you how to make a butterfly from a fabric with your own hands, it will be a master class. The work is not difficult, but you will have to spend a lot of time on it. Compared with handmade on the carnival, about the same, and compared to the claws of paper much more.
How to make a craft, we can add to the collection of home crafts this very butterfly-cabbage made from cloth.

бабочка из ткани

It will take a fabric of any color, beads or beads, wire for beadwork , a piece of tulle or a thin fabric.

How to make a butterfly from a fabric with your own hands:

1. From a dense fabric sew oval sac and stuff it with cotton wool.

2. Tighten the neck. It turned out a body.

3. Bead-beads pull the part of the bag in order to separate the head from the trunk.

4. Sew eye, mouth and cilia.

5. At the top, thread the wire and you need to string beads (butterfly’s mustache).

тканевая бабочка

6. Pull the three wires through the body and also fill with beads, fixing them at the ends.

бабочка из ткани своими руками

7. Fold a piece of curtains in half and cut out the wings, the shape of which you like.

кусочек тюли
крылья для бабочки

8. Sew the wings to the butterfly along the edge and twist the seams inside.

бабочка тканевая

9. Adjust the wings in the middle and sew them to the body.

бабочка из ткани своими руками
бабочка из ткани своими руками сделать

10. If desired, a proboscis can be made from the wire.

как сделать бабочку

here is our fabric butterfly ready,


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