DIY crafts for Kids – How to Make Felt matryoshka Doll !

Today I will show you how to make a nesting doll and a pattern for it. Or rather we will make soft key chains in the form of matryoshkas. The artwork is actually very light, although it is painstaking enough, since the product requires a lot of details cut out of felt and not only. This Russian talisman is often sold in tourist places and foreigners gladly buy it. We once made a matryoshka from cloth , but it was very large and required a lot of material for the costs.

Matryoshka from felt

Matryoshka of felt hangs on keys in the form of a keychain, brings good luck and serves as a good gift for acquaintances or comrades. For one such homemade, a person with average experience takes about 30 minutes.

To create a felt doll we will need:

– Sketches of details, printed out.
– The needle.
– Thread of a moulin.
Felt of different colors.
– Ribbon.
– PVA glue.
“Simple scissors.”
– Synthepone for filling.

Prepare at once tools, as well as felt all available colors.

Matryoshka from felt 1

Here are the details we will need for crafts. You need to print them on paper, cut, put on felt and cut with a cloth already.

Matryoshka from felt 2

The handicraft will consist of two sides, the front side and the back side. From the very beginning we glue the details of the facial, the basis for the trunk, the scarf, apron and face.

Matryoshka from felt 3

Matryoshka from felt 4

Whatever you get confused, I’ll demonstrate where is the side of the front part.

Matryoshka from felt 5

Now we decorate the apron of a nesting doll with the help of a flower and petals, we sew threads from threads with a floss. Just sew all the details along the edge, for beauty and reliability. We use simple threads.

Matryoshka from felt 6

When we sew the edges of the head, insert a pair of threads of a mulina in the form of hair, or simply embroider it. We also make the face with the help of threads and paint with a colored pencil.

Matryoshka made of felt 7

Now take the back side, make holes there and insert a rope there.

Matryoshka from felt 8

We unite both parts of the matryoshka from felt and sew them with an ordinary thread.

Matryoshka made of felt 9

At the bottom leave a small hole for the filler. In this case, I take a sintepon, you can also cotton wool or sintepuh. With the help of a pencil, pour the filler inside.

Matryoshka from felt 10

When there is no more space for the filler and the matryoshka is rounded, we sew up the hole. So our work is ready, next time you can use other colors of felt for a change.

Matryoshka made of felt 11

You can sew such nesting dolls very easily. In addition to different colors of fabric, everywhere different flowers of felt on the tummies.

Matryoshka made of felt 12


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