DIY Crafts for Kids – How to Make Finger Puppet Theater out of Felt ! “Animals Forest”

We all know that kids are very fond of listening to fairy tales, and about theatrical performances with your favorite toys and not worth talking about! But it is not always convenient to show a fairy tale with a big hare, for example, sitting at a table, the miniature finger theater will become indispensable here.

Fingered felt theater

You can show him the child and play a fairy tale together. In the presented master class we sew a set of toys “Forest animals”, as they are the most common characters in cartoons and fairy tales.

First, we draw the future heroes on paper and cut them out (to determine the size, we simply circle our finger on paper and add a half centimeter in the form of an allowance for the seams). In this set there will be a bear, a hare , a hedgehog , a wolf and a fox(the last ones go one by one).

Finger thertle theater 1

We start with the bunny. We transfer details of crafts to felt, two parts of the trunk, two ears, eyes, tummy and face. Now cut out and begin to collect the character.

Finger the felt theater 2

First we sew small details with a seam forward with a needle and do not forget about a spout, it can be embroidered or painted with a usual permanent marker or black gel pen.

Finger thermae theater 3

Next we sew the details of the trunk together with the ears, in the presented version the seam is used over the edge, it can be connected and forward by a needle or stitching on the sewing machine.

Finger the felt theater 4

Eyes glued with a glue thermo-pistol and circle the contour, draw the pupils.

Finger the Finger Theater 5

Finger Puppet Theater out of Felt

Finger thermae theater 6

In the same way, we make the remaining heroes of the finger theater.

Fingered felt theater 7

Fingered felt theater 8

Fingerless felt theater 9

Fingerless felt theater 10

Only when making a fox and a wolf, do not forget to sew up the tails. And we connect the trunk of the hedgehog with a simple seam forward with a needle, as it is more convenient in the form of the toy having uneven edges.

Fingered felt theater 11

Fingered felt theater 12

Finger-like felt theater 13

Fingered felt theater 14

Finger-filled felt theater 15

Fingered felt theater 16

Fingered felt theater 17

Fingered felt theater 18

Fingerless felt theater 19

Fingerless felt theater 20

Fingerless felt theater 21

At the request of the characters, you can replace or add new ones, for example, a mouse-norushku or grandmother and grandfather with a kolobok, depending on the preferences of the small spectator.

Fingerless felt theater 22

Finger-filled felt theater 23

Fingerless felt theater 24


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