DIY Crafts – How to Make a Brooch Flower out of Felt !

We recently made flowers from felt with our own hands , today I will tell you how to make a similar craft, but in a slightly different form, we will create a brooch flower from felt. The master class is not difficult, but for many tedious. It will be necessary to cut out the petals from felt, for the flower, of different sizes, then to make them of a certain shape, which also requires time.

Brooch flower from felt

In addition to felt, scissors and a safety pin, we do not need anything. You will also need a glue and a needle with a thread. Felt buy on a denser, it better takes and keeps the necessary shape.

Prepared immediately required material for the craft. The felt is red and green, the thread is red, the scissors are large.

Flower brooch from felt 1

We cut strips of red felt. Different widths, the three largest, two smaller and one quite narrow, we use it for the petals that are in the center of the flower .

Flower brooch from felt 2

Then from the stripes we cut the squares, and from the squares we cut out the petals, then we twist the petals and sew the edges. All the petals of a flower need to be made in a similar shape, but this is not the end.

Flower brooch from felt 3

It is necessary to take a pan, pour water in there, that it would be heavy and put on fire. Without waiting for the boiling water, at medium temperature, we remove the pan from the fire and put under it the petals of the petals. Let them lie down and come. In the photo you can see how the milled edges should look.

Flower brooch from felt 4

We must immediately make the back, we previously cut out the circle. On the green part we glue the fittings, namely the pin.

Flower brooch from felt 5

And we begin to collect the flower from the felt in parts. We start from the edges and approach the center. We use glue.

Brooch flower of felt 6

Now with the help of these details we make the middle of the flower, it’s not difficult. One denticulate strip is curled into a roll, and the other is surrounded by it.

Flower brooch from felt 7

Here is a brooch flower from felt, so there is a pocket behind where you can insert a photo.

Flower brooch from felt 8

Having a felt of different flowers you can make a whole garden of flowers .

Brooch flower from felt 9

Brooch flower from felt 10

This is how our today’s work is done, it is not difficult, but it will be necessary to tinker. I hope you do not have any questions left in this master class. Felt is very convenient for creations, many like it more than ordinary fabric.


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