DIY Crafts – How to Make a Caterpillar out of Chestnuts !

Make a caterpillar made from natural material very easily, we need chestnuts of different sizes, plasticine of different colors and two toothpicks. Mostly an odd job for children, but with them and adults it will be interesting to do. The material, as you can see, does not need too much. The time is only 15-20 minutes, not counting the collection of chestnuts for the caterpillar.

Caterpillar from chestnuts main

I will tell in a step by step master class how to make a caterpillar with your own hands from chestnuts with a detailed description and photo-instruction. I will say right away, the caterpillar will be curved, with the bend of the body.

I immediately prepared the material. Plasticine is the most common, different colors.

Caterpillar from chestnuts 1

They spread the chestnuts in size, the tail where there is a small chestnut, the head on a big one.

Caterpillar from chestnuts 2

Take the brown clay and divide it into small balls. By them we will connect the chestnuts.

Caterpillar from chestnuts 3

Side view.

Caterpillar from chestnuts 4

Caterpillar out of Chestnuts

We begin with the tail to connect the chestnut trees with the help of plasticine. Do not forget that the caterpillar should be slightly curved.

Caterpillar of chestnuts 5

We collected all the body, not counting the head. That’s how it looks.

Caterpillar from chestnuts 6

We have one chestnut, two toothpicks and one clay plasticine that would stick a head. But first we need to make a smiling face. With the help of toothpicks we create horns. We put in toothpicks and break them in half. Next, decorate the antennae with clay, just make the eyes of the nose and mouth. For children this will be an exciting and educational activity.

Caterpillar of chestnuts 7

Then we fix our head on the trunk of the caterpillar

Caterpillar from chestnuts 8

On each chestnut of the body we stick small plasticine points of different colors. Thus we decorate the craft.

Caterpillar from chestnuts 9

Here’s a beautiful caterpillar of chestnuts with our own hands, we turned out.

Caterpillar of chestnuts 10



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