DIY crafts – How to Make Cornflower with Foam Sheets !

Today we will make a cornflower from the “plastic suede” – fomirana, the master class will be presented with a step-by-step photo created by own hands.

Cornflower with Foam Sheets
Cornflower with Foam Sheets

For this we need:

• blue or blue foamiran for a flower;
• white stamens;
• green foyamiran;
• cardboard for templates;
• Floral wire;
• Artistic pastel;
• foil;
• compasses;
• scissors;
• iron;
• Thermal gun.

Let’s start with the middle of a cornflower. We cut off the blue strip with a size of 1.5×60 cm and cut one edge into a fringe. It is best to do this with the tips of the scissors and the stripes should be 2-3 mm wide (the thinner the better).

vasilek-iz-foamirana 1

Now we warm up the iron and lay out the fringe with pieces, since the whole length will not fit. Each fragment is held for 2-3 seconds, remove and immediately heat the next segment. The fringe will immediately curl in one direction.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 2

Cornflower with Foam Sheets
Cornflower with Foam Sheets

End the floristic wire in a loop. On it we will collect a bud.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 4

We wind the tape with fringe on the wire in such a way that the strips seem to diverge from the center. We make sure that the flat edge from the bottom is seamed to the back, that is, all the layers must coincide. We get something like a dandelion.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 5

How to Make Cornflower

Cornflower with Foam Sheets
Cornflower with Foam Sheets

If you have bilateral stamens, then they need to be folded in half and glued the folding site at the base of the bud. So fix 5-6 pieces around the flower.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 7

On the cardboard draw a circle with a diameter of 5 cm and circle it 6 times on the foyamiran. Cut out the blanks.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 8

Each circle is first folded in half, then in half and again. We cut out the middle of this workpiece according to the snowflake principle. That is, the folding points must be left. If the rays are too wide, then cut them into several parts.

Then take two fingers behind the center of the circle, and all the rays are pulled, twisting in different directions. As a result, the petals should become thinner.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 9

vasilek-iz-foamirana 10

These blanks are evenly glued around the already formed bud. Straighten a little petals to make the flower more magnificent.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 11

vasilek-iz-foamirana 12

vasilek-iz-foamirana 13

We roll a ball with a diameter of 1.5 cm from the foil and thread it through the center onto the wire butt against the bud.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 14

From the green background we cut out circles of different diameters and form sepals from them.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 15

The sepals are heated for a few seconds on the iron and remove. The edges of each leaf are colored with pastels.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 16

We start with the largest billet, pasting it all the bottom of the bud. In the same way, we string and glue the remaining sepals.

vasilek-iz-foamirana 17

vasilek-iz-foamirana 18

vasilek-iz-foamirana 19

vasilek-iz-foamirana 20

That’s so easy to make a delicate flower cornflower from the fameirana .

vasilek-iz-foamirana 21

vasilek-iz-foamirana 22

vasilek-iz-foamirana 23


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