DIY crafts – How to make Flowers from Wire and Nail Polish !

In today’s master class we will make unusual flowers from metal wire and colored nail polish with our own hands. Of these colors, you can create any decoration in the hair. They look very nice and fashionable.


For their manufacture you will need:

• foam rubber sponge;
• nail polish;
• thin wire;
• a pen;
• scissors.

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 1

First, determine what size you want to get a flower. Then you need to find a pen or any other object of the appropriate diameter. The size of the petal depends on the width of this object. The length of the wire also depends on this, therefore, the larger the flower , the larger the cut will be.

Cut the wire length of 20 cm, if you use a handle with the usual diameter. Fold in half the wire on the handle and twist them back to back 3-4 times. Do not twist too much, as the wire can break off.

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 2

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 3

We remove the ring from the wire, and we got the first petal.

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 4

Then we form the second lobe from one end of the wire and the other until we get 5 rings.

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 5

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 6

To the flower was not flat, you need to give a little volume to each petal. We wind each little bit on the handle and pull out its end. The more you pull, the more petals will be.

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 7

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 8

The most interesting part is the creation of colored petals. We take for this purpose a varnish of the desired color and we collect more varnish. Bring the brush from the twisted ends of the petal to its edge. Brush should lie completely on the surface of the petal, not coming off. Only then it is possible to apply the varnish with a continuous layer.

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 9

Fill all the petals and insert it by the wire into the foam sponge and let it harden. For certainty, you can cover the petals with several layers of varnish.

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 10

The flowers are ready for further use for decoration. To make twigs from each flower, you can braid their legs with green teip-tape, and then fasten to the desired surface.

Cvetok-iz-provoloki-i-laka-dlya-nogtej 11


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