DIY Crafts – How to Make Head Accessories with Foam Flowers !

In this hands with step-by-step photos for beginners, you will learn how to make a bezel with roses from the fameirana. Its production does not take you much time and will bring you a lot of positive emotions. But for starters, of course, you either need to make roses from fomiran yourself, or you can buy them at the bazaar.


To produce a rim with flowers, we need the following materials:

1. Flowers from Foamiran;
2. Bezel;
3. Scissors;
4. The candle;
5. Hairspray super-fixation.

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 1

Let’s start making a rim with roses.

Day of the beginning we take flowers from foamiran and we divide them into separate buds. We need flowers of two matching colors.

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 2

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 3

We take one bud and drag it to the rim. Need to size the bezel . On both sides to leave on four centimeters, that it was convenient to put on it.

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 4

The tip of the flower is sealed with a hot candle.

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 5

Next, attach the next bud, you can alternate flowers or come up with some kind of combination.

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 6

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 7

We attach the other flowers to our creation, do not forget to fix the ends.

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 8

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 9

At the end of the work, when all the buds are attached, we sprinkle the bezel with super-fixation to keep the buds tight.

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 10

The work is finished, the work is ready.

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 11

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 12

Today you learned how to make a hair rim of artificial roses from Foma. This hand-crafted fashion is a great gift or complement your image.

Obodok-s-rozami-iz-foamirana 13


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