DIY Crafts – How to Make a Heart with Polymer Clay !

This hand-crafted article requires at least initial skills, if you do not know how to work with polymer clay, then this master class is not for you. But it’s never too late to learn this skill. I’ll tell you how to make a heart of polymer clay with your own hands. Apart from baking in the oven, the master of polymer clay will go on to create a heart , an average of 20 minutes. Another very important point for creating such a homemade professional tools are needed, which not everyone has.

Heart of polymer clay

The heart will be in knitting style, with intertwined clay noodles. It is also very important to choose a beautiful fittings, especially a pin on the back. Use your imagination to diversify this creation. Necessarily you need a tool that creates noodles from clay, as well as a heart shaped form, and other hand tools depicted in the photo.

Heart made of polymer clay 1

The device making noodles from clay is called an extruder, it is necessary to stretch the polymer clay to the required state and put it into the device. Then create long macaroni.

Heart made of polymer clay 2

Take for start two made macaroni, bend in half and twist clockwise. The other two are against the hour and so on with the rest, that would be half of one, and the other half of the others.

Heart made of polymer clay 3

Put on the surface of the originally prepared base. It is a rolled up clay with a thin layer. On it we spread twisted clay bands, alternating them, clockwise – against the clock, etc.

Heart made of polymer clay 4

Take a heart shape and try on how to cut it out of clay. It is advisable to do this a little at an angle, so it will be more beautiful.

Heart made of polymer clay 5

One or two macaroni wrap the heart around the edge, which would look neater. Joint the joints and make a solid bezel.

Heart made of polymer clay 6

Heart with Polymer Clay

Now it’s time to decorate . Create a plastic material from the buttons. They are done in two stages, first you need to make a hollow. For small and large buttons.

Heart made of polymer clay 7

Then cut off the round buttons with round shapes.

Heart made of polymer clay 8

With the help of a sharp wooden stick create holes in the big four, in the small two.

Heart made of polymer clay 9

At the top of the button we make small cavities, insert thin threads of clay into the holes. We drip the glue on the heart and glue both parts together.

Heart made of polymer clay 10

Now create the back patch. We make it much less than the heart, we squeeze out some drawing on it.

Heart made of polymer clay 11

Take a pin, glue it to the back of the heart, put a patch on top, but make small edged holes in the edges. Still attach a small button, for beauty.

Heart made of polymer clay 12

Next, put our craft in the oven and bake it at a temperature of 120 degrees, about 20 – 30 minutes.

After that, the baked heart from polymer clay can be greased with anything, for example acrylic paints.

Heart made of polymer clay 13

Here such beauty at us has turned out.

Heart made of polymer clay 14


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