DIY Crafts – How to Make a Pencil Case out of Jeans !

If we have old and already unwanted jeans lying around our house, then we can make a good pencil case with our own hands. In this master class, you will be given information on how to properly draw a pattern, as well as a photo of the scheme with a step-by-step description. A pencil case made of such dense fabric will last you long and will be convenient to use. It is not very difficult, but still need to know about sewing.


We will need:

– Threads;
– Needle;
– Large scissors;
– Pencil of wax;
– Two pieces of denim fabric, size 26×12 centimeters;
– Cloth for lining, two pieces size 26×12 centimeters;
– Batting, two pieces, the size of which is 26×12 centimeters;
– Fittings: decorative buttons, beads, various stripes;
– Snake (lightning) 25 centimeters in length;
– Preferably a sewing machine.

All material can be bought at the appropriate store. Scissors are better to take large, they are easier to cut the fabric.

Penal-iz-dzhins-svoimi-rukami 1

Bench from jeans own hands

From one denim fabric the pencil case will come out rough and not protected from blows. Let’s sew it into three layers. The front side is denim, the padding is in the middle of the vatine and the inner side is a bright linen or cotton cloth. This is the pattern we need to make and do not forget the allowance for seams 1-1.5 centimeters.

Penal-iz-dzhins-svoimi-rukami 2

You need to cut each piece into two pieces, but never forget about the allowance for seams. This is an important point that must always be taken into account. And be sure to use the sewing machine, since the seams will not come out so smooth with the hands.

Penal-iz-jins-svoimi-rukami 3

Now we need to sew a jeans and a wadding layer among themselves. We use this type of firmware, this is the simplest and most popular quilting scheme. In this way all the unevennesses and fabrics are concealed in one layer. Pencil in wax draw lines and work on them.

Penal-iz-dzhins-svoimi-rukami 4

After the drawing, we fasten the batting and jeans with the pins. Then we sew the two fabrics together.

Penal-iz-dzhins-svoimi-rukami 5

This is how the front and the inside look.

Penal-iz-jins-svoimi-rukami 6

Try on a snake and attach accessories for beauty. Denim shade can be different, consider this when preparing pieces of tissue for the pencil case.

Penal-iz-dzhins-svoimi-rukami 7

We are using lightning. We put it on the front side of the jeans, so that when to bend the zipper to hide the seam.

Penal-iz-dzhins-svoimi-rukami 8

From the top with a zipper you need to sew the inner fabric.

Penal-iz-dzhins-svoimi-rukami 9

On different sides of the lightning, the sum should be four separate pieces.

Penal-iz-dzhins-svoimi-rukami 10

Unfasten the zipper and we spread the fabric around the perimeter. Crop the extra scraps.

Penal-iz-jins-svoimi-rukami 11

Denim pencil case is ready. Now you can use it.

Penal-iz-jins-svoimi-rukami 12

Penal-iz-jins-svoimi-rukami 13



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