DIY crafts – How to Make Satin Ribbon Flowers !

Only at the earliest age the boy is appropriate bows, the vest only a newborn can be wrapped in an envelope and decorated with the most beautiful bow of satin ribbons. Each mother experiences the most tender feelings for a baby, so she takes care of every thing that surrounds the baby from the diaper.

In this master class you will get acquainted with the technique of creating a magnificent bow, decorated with a changing “suit” for discharge from the hospital and on first walks.



To create a ribbon, store the following types of material:

1. The satin ribbon is blue, it should be of medium size – 2.5 cm.
2. Tape of blue satin with a width of 2.5 cm.
3. A thin blue braid with a bright stitching (with a gold or silver thread).
4. Midpoints for small bows. You need to find simple rhinestones that fit boys, for example, in the form of squares.
5. Hot melt, that is, transparent rods based on plastic and a special gun that can melt them.
6. Scissors are sharp, which will easily cut the satin.
7. Lighter.
8. Ruler.

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First, individual elements are created from the stripes of the tape. To the bow was bright and beautiful you need to combine two tapes. To do this, place a thin border around the center of the blue braid and scorch the edge over the flame to make the satin weld.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 2

Then measure the required 15 cm. The second end, too, is scorched by a cigarette lighter to fix a thin border to the center of the lower braid.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 3

The edges of the tapes are glued together with the wrong sides so that the element on one side is rounded, and on the other – flat.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 4

As the basis of the craft, prepare a circle of satin with a diameter of about 4 cm.

Folded elements are glued along the edge of the base, they should form a kind of flower or a multi-cone bow .

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 5

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 6

To make the product take a brighter and more voluminous look, more details from the white tape will be needed. They are created on the same principle, but from cuts of 14 cm. First, a blue braid with gold trim is attached to the snow-white satin, then the billets are doubled, but not smoothed.
Each white part is pasted over the gap between the lower blue elements.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 7

Satin Ribbon Flowers

The created second tier from bends in another color gives volume and brightness, splendor.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 8

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 9

The blue tier is created on a different principle. First cuts of 25cm are glued together in a ring.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 10

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 11

Then it is necessary to fix the seam with the opposite underside with glue.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 12

Educated eights are fastened into four final stars, it is necessary to create a pair of such elements.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 13

The blue elements are glued together, so that each gentle, charming bend is visible.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 14

Place the blue tier over the base and secure with glue.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 15

The middle of our product is decorated with a blue rose. It is curled from a tape 2.5 cm wide. First, you need to bend the edge of the tape to form a bud.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 16

Next, twist the tape in a spiral. Make it necessary about two turns and glue the bottom of the tape.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 17

Then the ribbon bends away, that is from itself, and thus petals are formed.
Approximately every centimeter, bend the tape and glue it at the bottom, creating an imitation of pink leaves.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 18

It will take about 20 cm tape to create a small rose. Flip the flower, cut off the excess end of the satin ribbon and scorch the base with a lighter.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 19

Try to paste the rose exactly in the center of the product.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 21

A clamp is attached to the back of the product to secure the swaddling band. Do not need to fix glue decoration in one place, because when tying the children’s envelope it is not known where the hack will be located, and with universal fastening it can always be moved, sliding along the satin ribbon.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 23

Cut the edges of the bands at an angle.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 22

The ends of the ribbon are decorated with small bows that are sewn from the cuts of two ribbons – large and in the middle of a small one.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 24

Bows paste at a distance of 10-12 cm from the edge, press them with your fingers so that they snap securely.

Bant-dlya-novorozhdennogo-malchik 25

The product for the meeting of the newborn from the hospital is ready, he is charming to become a sweet baby. Such bows are often used by mothers for memorable photos, when the baby is still under the heart. The homemade dress looks equally well on the mother’s round belly in the form of a charming belt and on the most expensive envelope after the birth of the boy.

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