DIY Cute Easter Craft Ideas for Kids – Envelope Bunnies !

Now we will make a beautiful and original gift box for children’s sweets, namely an envelope in the form of a hare with our own hands. The work is not complicated, it will be pleasant to school-age children, especially such gifts for holidays kids will like. To begin with you need to buy sweets, and then create an article that would understand what size we will do it.


It will be necessary:

– Eyes (accessories);
– Spout (accessories);
– Paper of different colors;
– Scissors;
– A pen;
– Blush;
– Pencil;
– Glue.

If something is forgotten, then during the master class you will need to take or buy. There is a lot of material, so you can easily forget this or that thing.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 1

We fold the paper in half and glue it together. Just stick together and the foundation of the future bunny. This will be the bottom of our envelope .

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 2

Draw the top of the head and ears.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 3

Cut it neatly along the lines.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 4

That’s what should happen.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 5

We attach the ears of a white sample, we depict them on rose paper.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 6

And draw a little smaller inside.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 7

We cut out smaller ears, apply them to other places, circle them and cut them out in the same way.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 9

We put the pink part and paste it on the white ears of the main billet.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 8

To make homemade other colors, you need to attach the first hare made to the other paper and circle.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 10

That’s what should happen.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 11

Glue the eyes and nose. Let them dry out.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 12

Hand draw the mouth.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 13

Follow the mustache dorisovyvaem.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 14

Blush the cheeks.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 15

Beautiful paper bunnies are obtained.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 16

Candies should be in a bag.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 17

Inside we put candy and give a gift.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 18

Obtain original candy bunny.

Konvert-zayats-iz-bumagi-dlya-detskih-konfet 19


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