DIY Dough Crafts – How to Make Angry Birds !

In this small master class, we look at how their own hands sculpt Ingres berdz and do it on the easiest and common scheme, with step by step photo instructions. Crafts course for children, but there are moments that can perplex the child where it is necessary to do small parts. We will need four colors of clay: red, white, black and yellow. As well as thirty minutes of free time, that would create this creature. Do not forget to use a plastic knife for convenience.

Ingres berdz plasticine primary

Thus, we prepared all the necessary material and of course you can create.

Engr berdz plasticine 1

Immediately start with the body. Roll a ball of red color, the size of a product is defined for yourself.

Engr berdz plasticine 2

Then, pull one krayushek to create hairstyles.

Engr berdz plasticine 3

Make an incision, thereby denote two hairs on her head. Plasticine Ingres berdz should be similar to the original with the game.

Engr berdz plasticine 4

Now roll the ball is white, half red.

Engr berdz plasticine 5

It must rasplyusnut.

Engr berdz plasticine 6

Connect the red and white clay body. So that the half of the body was white.

Engr berdz plasticine 7

Began making masks for the birds. Create a semi circle in black.

Ingres berdz plasticine 8

In the center, cut a small corner, thereby obtaining a mask .

Ingres berdz plasticine 9

Prilep mask on red clay.

Engr berdz plasticine 10

Roll the two ovals of white.

Ingres berdz plasticine 11

Cut them on one side and stick to the mask. We have created the eye.

Ingres berdz plasticine 12

Yellow beak do as a small cone.

Ingres berdz plasticine 13

Glue on his crafts.

Ingres berdz plasticine 14

It remains to create a ponytail. Black blind by a triangle.

Ingres berdz plasticine 15

Make it figured.

Ingres berdz plasticine 16

Glue it back, between red and white clay .

Ingres berdz plasticine 17

That’s our bird ready Ingres berdz from clay, now you know how it do it yourself.

Ingres berdz plasticine 18

Engr berdz plasticine 19

Engr berdz plasticine 20


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