DIY Felt Crafts – Heart Felt Valentines !

If you are looking at this master class, then you are exactly thinking about the fact that you can make valentines from felt with your own hands. Such a postcard will very please the person close to you, as you will do it with all your heart and with sincere intentions.

Valentine from felt

Prepare the following materials for the production of valentines:

• felt of red color;
• white cardboard;
• red and white half-beads;
• white thread for embroidery;
• silver glue;
• figured scissors;
• a pencil;
• Eraser;
• paper;
• scissors;
• a piece of chalk;
• glue gun.

Determine exactly what size our heart will be and cut out the same size rectangle, which is folded in half. Draw half the heart from the side of the fold, so that the result is a whole heart of two equal halves.

Valentine made of felt 1

We take white cardboard in such a size that two hearts of the size already known to us can fit into it. We divide the cardboard with a pencil into two equal parts, and then we hold the blunt side of the scissors under the ruler along the same line slightly pressing. Eraser erase the line from the pencil.

Valentine made of felt 2

We fold the cardboard along the imprinted line. To the place of bending, we put the heart so that the pointed end touches its edge. We circle the pattern.

Valentine made of felt 3

Cut out the contour with figured scissors except for the bend.

Valentine made of felt 4

We circle the same pattern with chalk on a red felt .

Valentine made of felt 5

Cut out the felt heart, making an indentation of 0,7 mm from the edge with chalk. That is, the felt heart should be smaller in size than the cardboard blank. At the same time, the indents should be the same.

Valentine made of felt 6

The edge of the felt heart is treated with a double stitched seam. First, tighten the loop in one direction, and then in the opposite direction, while threading the needle through the same hole.

Valentine made of felt 7

Valentine made of felt 8

The edge trimmed with figured scissors is decorated with red half-beads.

Valentine made of felt 9

Then we glue the embroidered felt heart on top and decorate its edge with white half-beads. We place them one by one among the red ones.

Valentine made of felt 10

With silver glue we will paint the words of love. To do this, squeeze out some glue and stretch it in the right direction. After application, the adhesive should dry.

Valentine made of felt 11

So we made our own valentine, which can only be signed and sent to the recipient.

Valentine made of felt 12

Valentine made of felt 13

Valentine made of felt 14

Valentine made of felt 15


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