DIY Felt crafts – How to Make a Heart out of Felt !

Today we will make an alternative to all valentines made of cardboard. It will be a master class – a heart made of felt with your own hands with the correct pattern, the handicraft will serve as a wonderful decor and will always remind you that it was you who presented it on this wonderful day.

Heart from felt
DIY Felt crafts

To create a heart we need:

• red and black felt;
• red and black beads;
• thread of red and black colors;
• satin ribbon of red color;
• a piece of chalk;
• paper;
• a pencil;
• scissors;
• needle;
• Synthepon;
• glue gun.

First, we prepare a template for the heart . Fold the paper in half and draw an oblong half of the heart starting from the fold. Choose paper of this size, whatever you would like to eventually get the finished product size.

DIY Felt crafts
DIY Felt crafts

After we cut out the halves along the drawn line, we get a whole heart-pattern.

Heart made of felt 2

Circle the outline of this pattern twice with chalk on a black felt.

Heart made of felt 3

Of red felt we cut a heart of the same shape, but a little smaller. You can chalk the pattern with chalk on a red felt and cut it out by following the contour.

DIY Felt crafts
DIY Felt crafts

Cut off 20 cm of satin ribbon, glue its ends and attach them in the middle of the heart between the lobules. The loop turns out.

DIY Felt crafts
DIY Felt crafts

We set the heart with the eyelet aside and begin to sew the red heart to the second part, placing it on the center. Bringing the needle up, string on one bead. Stitches are about 0.5 cm long.

Heart made of felt 6

Then just embroider with red beads the same threads around the red heart , repeating its shape.

DIY Felt crafts
DIY Felt crafts

Fold the two layers of felt together, so that the edges coincide and the ends of the loop are inside. Sew the “first needle” with the seam and make the upper stitches very short.

Heart made of felt 8

Do not finish sewing until the end, fill the middle of the sintepon.

Heart made of felt 9

DIY Felt Crafts

Sew both layers, hiding the end of the thread between them.

DIY Felt crafts
DIY Felt crafts

We get the original valentine stitched with our own hands.

Heart made of felt 11

Heart made of felt 12


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