DIY – Handmade Bunny Christmas Gifts for Kids !

Again, small hack, this time how to make a beautiful gift box for the children. I think any child would be delighted if he would lie under the tree gift-bunny, and inside the candy or something like that. Class Wizard is very easy and quickly created, even heed your quick step by step guide will be presented.


We need:

1. Jute cloth;
2. Satin red ribbon;
3. Glue gun;
4. Film;
5. Himself a gift;
6. Accessories: eyes and nose;
7. Beautiful rope.

It may need more that that in the future or want to independently add any elements.

Podarok-pod-elku-detyam-v-vide-zajchika 1

The gift-wrap put anything on the example I will show how to put a simple colorful cereal and sweet beans.

Podarok-pod-elku-detyam-v-vide-zajchika 2

Pour everything into a film, and tied a beautiful thread.

Podarok-pod-elku-detyam-v-vide-zajchika 3

Then, several successive operations with jute fabric. See the GIF image.


Of jute fabric turns the head and ears bunny . Tied with red lace and satin.

Podarok-pod-elku-detyam-v-vide-zajchika 4

At the end with glue Fasten eyes and nose.

Podarok-pod-elku-detyam-v-vide-zajchika 5

Here’s a bunny we get, original and unusual gift.


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