DIY Handmade Christmas Candle Holder from a Glass .

Many of us like to sit in the new year night, by candlelight. Setting them on the holiday table, sometimes you know that a couple of extra candle holders in the house would not hurt. So what’s the deal? Let’s try to make original and unusual candle holder made of …glass.

Новогодний подсвечник из бокала

We will need: a glass with a smooth surface decoupage card or three-layer cloth, acrylic paint (ultramarine blue and white), sponge/sponge PVA glue, artificial snow, flat brush (synthetic), glitter, acrylic lacquer.

1. Prepare the glass for the upcoming transformation: thoroughly rinse it under hot water with any detergent, dry them.

Бокал для подсвечника

Now we will paint the surface with white paint (don’t forget to stir to avoid lumps!). For this we need a sponge or a small piece of sponge. Take a little paint on the sponge and a blotting motion covered the outside of the glass and a leg. Leave blank to dry for about an hour. If you can’t wait, use a Hairdryer with it the drying process goes much faster.

Окрашеный бокал для подсвечника

2. Select and fit the pattern. If it’s a cloth, gently cut out, remove the two white /bottom/ layer – we don’t need them. For decorating need the top thin layer of napkin with a picture. I have decoupage the map on rice paper. Here we will act a little differently: let’s outline a wet brush around the pattern and after a couple of seconds you can gently pry it with your hands.

Нанесение рисунка на бокал

3. Dilute PVA glue with plain water approximately in half, mix thoroughly. Prepared motif applied on the glass face up. Flat brush take the glue and apply it on top of the picture. Coat carefully and quickly, and tap lightly to avoid bubbles and folds.

Нанесение рисунка на ножку бокала

If small creases and wrinkles still appear – lift the edge of the picture and try to disperse them. Help yourself with your fingers (many decopaint don’t trust the brushes this painstaking work). The stem of the glass is also a good idea to decorate with something cute such as butterflies.

Изготовление подсвечника из бокала

4. Slightly etenim white color of the glass, adding a little ultramarine. Easier to apply with a dry sponge. Now we have to fix the result with acrylic paint. The more layers will be applied, the more beautiful will look the candlestick. Just don’t forget to take breaks for drying.

Изготовление подсвечника из бокала

5. Decorate a glass candle holder sparkles with glitter. Your imagination itself will tell you how to do it better. The upper edge of the glass coat with glue and sprinkle with artificial snow, the same can be done with the leg.

Новогодний подсвечник из бокала

6. That’s all, you only have to add water in the glass, to lower the candle a pill and light the wick. A wonderful candle holder it turned out, isn’t it?



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