DIY Handmade Flowers – How to Make Chrysanthemum with Foam !

Today we will make a master class with step-by-step photos and pattern, chrysanthemum from fameiran with our own hands for beginners.

DIY Handmade Flowers
DIY Handmade Flowers

We need to prepare:

• cardboard;
• compasses;
• scissors;
• awl;
• Foamiran white, green and yellow;
• iron;
• bead;
• glue gun.

On the cardboard draw circles with the specified diameters. Cut out these patterns with scissors. Now you need to transfer them to fameiran. It is best to circle the edge with a thick needle or an awl, since this excludes the possibility of damage to the material. We circle once each circle and cut out the contour. The first four by the size of the circle we circle on a lighter background, and we circle the small circles in a darker one. You can do and vice versa – the middle of the light.

DIY Handmade Flowers
DIY Handmade Flowers
DIY Handmade Flowers
DIY Handmade Flowers

Fold in one circle and cut out the wavy line immediately two layers. You can use the figured scissors. The main thing is that the indentations are rounded.

DIY Handmade Flowers
DIY Handmade Flowers

Now we make incisions between the knolls towards the middle of the circle. That is, on each side of the hillock it is necessary to cut it in the direction inwards under it, and not in different directions. Thus, the chrysanthemum petals are obtained and they should narrow to the middle. We repeat the same thing with the rest of the blanks.

Chrysanthemum from Phamiran 4

On the preheated iron approximately to the middle, we lay one blank for a couple of seconds and turn it over abruptly so that the fom falls on the table. Immediately try to straighten it, since it can bend twice and while it’s warm it needs to give it a round shape. The main thing is that the petals are wrapped up and this will give the flower volume.

Chrysanthemum from Foamiran 5

Chrysanthemum from Foamiran 6

Each petal from the base should be bent twice, bending them slightly upwards. Then they will acquire a more pointed form.

Chrysanthemum from fameirane 7

We begin to collect the flower in a single whole, like a pyramid. First, fix all light, and then dark circles in the center.

Chrysanthemum from fameirane 8

In the middle we insert a yellow bead.

DIY Handmade Flowers
DIY Handmade Flowers

We cut out green leaves from the background , the length of which should be 9 cm, and the width about 4 cm. You can draw an arbitrary shape by hand with a needle and cut it out along the contour.

Chrysanthemum from Phamiran 10

We fold the sheet into an accordion and twist it in different directions. Do not be afraid that you can break up. We need to give them maximum natural look. Slightly straighten and get ready leaves.

Chrysanthemum from fameirane 11

Chrysanthemum from fameirane 12

We attach them on the reverse side.

Chrysanthemum from fameirane 13

Chrysanthemum from fameirane 14

Such a flower can decorate your hair or clothes.

DIY Handmade Flowers
DIY Handmade Flowers

Chrysanthemum from fameirane 16

Chrysanthemum from fameirane 17


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