DIY Home Decor – Autumn Crafts .

Creating mobiles is very interesting and exciting thing, they are used as decorations for the kitchen, verandas, balconies or made children’s mobiles for kids that hung over the bed. Today I’ll show you how to make the mobility of shells, leaves and flowers with his own hands, which you can decorate any room in a suitable style. This crafts often create both men and women, it is a versatile and interesting for all. The beauty of homemade is you can choose the material you want to use for the creation. And if you want a professional to decorate and decorate your home, for this there is the architectural design organization , go to the site you will find all that you need.

Mobil home of the shells

For this hicle with your own hands, we need:

– Shellfish.
– Simple scissors.
– Compass.
– Dry leaves.
– Tracing paper.
– Dried flowers.
– A rope, not fat.
– Lesko.
– Large beads.
– Clay time.
– Branches, thin.

Immediately prepare everything you need if you need more material, we find it in the process of manufacturing crafts.

Mobil 1 made of shells

Flowers must be completely dried.

Mobil of shells 2

Leaves also advisable to take last year’s, or prepare them in advance.

Mobil of shells 3

Take the thin twigs weave them together, bend in the shape of a circle and wrapped with rope. This is the basis of homemade.

Mobil of shells 4

Take the tracing paper and the compass. Draw circles completely different size, five – eight centimeters.

Mobil 5 of shells

Then they need to be cut. In total about fifteen pieces.

Mobil of shells 6

In each round you need to paste dry leaves or green grass.

Mobil of shells 7

The basis of anchoring that mobility could be hanged. We are using the rope.

Mobil from 8 shells

Now cut about ten pieces of fishing line by sixty centimeters long. We put it on the beads and varying the length of fishing line of glue.

Mobil of shells 9

On the edge of the shell is passed and we catch bead . We merge them together.

Mobil of 10 shells

At different heights glue circles with leaves and grasses.

Mobil of 11 shells

And the last step, take the dried flowers.

Mobil of 12 shells

Glue them on a round base, the only way that would not be much nalyapisto.

Mobil of 13 shells

Flowers smaller can be stuck to the beads. This is also a very original and beautiful looks.

Mobil of 14 shells

That’s our beautiful ready mobility, very nice it will look at the window.

Mobil of 15 shells

Mobil of 16 shells

Mobil of 17 shells

Mobil of 18 shells


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