DIY Home Decor – Decor of the kitchen board with coffee beans .

Decoration with coffee beans is a very simple way to make things beautiful and exclusive. Today we will decorate the kitchen cutting board, but we will use not only coffee , but also other improvised means. Prepare all that you have or bought in the market: coffee beans, cinnamon, vintage threads of different colors, vintage fabric, etc.



Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 1

First we take the paint in cans and blow out the dosochku with a light brown color. Leave for a while that it dried out.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 2

Using a hot adhesive gun, we collect vintage items, a bunch of artificial flowers in baggy cloth or something like that.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 3

We glue the whole surface of the board with glue.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 4

Cut out a piece of baggy cloth and put it on the glue. Leave to dry.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 5

Fantasize and at the bottom we will glue the lace fabric.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 6

And now the most interesting, from coffee beans put the cup on a saucer. Naturally sticking every grain.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 7

At the top we tie a bow of thread.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 8

We decorate with a beautiful ribbon, grains and ruches.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 9

Through the lower lace fabric let’s pass the white thread. It all adds beauty.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 10

Glue along the grain.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 11

From an artificial flower, burlap, fabric with lace and threads make a decoration in the form of a mini bouquet.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 12

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 13

We collect here such a hank for decoration.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 14

That’s what we got, an insanely beautiful creation.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 15

Below are some more types of ornaments.

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 16

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 17

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 18

Dekor-kuhonnoj-doski-kofejnymi-zernami 19


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