DIY Home Decor – Decorating a Pot with Bamboo !

If you come to the country and you have nothing to do, I offer to do something simple and original. Suppose that you have a large pot in which flowers grow. He is old, not beautiful, cracked and in need of repair. You can decorate it so that it will be as good as new and all defects will be hidden. To do this, you need to use bamboo and bamboo canes appropriate. They need to be prepared, cleaned of excess, crop, trim, and so on. And just take a dense and very long rope to create the appropriate products.


Bamboo is very hard and dense material, it dries very quickly and for a long time while the rain rot.

Dekorirovanie-gorshka-bambukom 1

First we decompose bamboo in a row and wrapped with rope perch with each one, and the other edge. At the ends do nodules and hide them inside between the canes.

Dekorirovanie-gorshka-bambukom 2

Now we take another rope and wound it horizontally between the canes. Thus, we fasten the bamboo that he had not dropped out of the structure.

Dekorirovanie-gorshka-bambukom 3

Of course we need to make a bamboo decor appropriate size under the flower pot . When you have done this, fastening the two ends of the same rope bamboo.

Dekorirovanie-gorshka-bambukom 4

And that’s what we’ve got. Beautiful pot in your country.

Dekorirovanie-gorshka-bambukom 5


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