DIY Home Decor – Decorating Candles with Natural Materials !

At the word “decor” many imagine complex art materials: brushes, specialized paints and coatings, specific tools, etc. In fact, decorating interior items can be using what is literally lying under our feet, for example, branches . Here we will use them in this master class to create a decor of candles with our own hands from natural materials with photo and description.

Decor of candles home

What is needed for a master candle decorating class:

– A set of candles from 5 pieces (we will decorate only 3).
– Flexible branches of a birch, twigs of a larch and twigs of a bird cherry (it is possible to use branches of other bushes and trees).
– Hemp twine.
– 4 thin rubber bands.
– Scissors.

Decor for candles 2


The preparatory stage is the harvesting of twigs and twigs. They need to be dried well. Freshly cut branches will not work, because after drying they will decrease and will have other sizes, which is undesirable.

Flexible branches of birch are dried twisted into a ring, so that already dry material is easier to form around the candle.

Step 1. Decor of the big candle.

The biggest candle will be decorated with flexible branches twisted into a ring.

Decor for candles 3

The decor is very simple: we fix rings from branches around the candle and distribute them evenly in height – the decor is ready!

Decor for candles 4

While such a candle looks simple enough, but in an ensemble with other candles it will get a completely different look.

Step 2. Decor of the high candle.

A high candle of medium diameter will be ennobled using sticks of bird cherry. The dried twigs were previously broken into several sticks of different lengths (but within the length of the candle itself).

Decor for candles 5

We put on the candle two gum: top and bottom. They are necessary for the temporary fastening of rods.

Decor for candles 6

We place the sticks under the elastic bands, placing them close to each other. Sticks need to be placed so that near there were not two identical in height or thickness – the aesthetic effect will be more pronounced in contrast.

Decor for candles 7

Once all the sticks are placed under the elastic, you can correct them, align them.

Decor Candles 8

Cut off the hemp twine and tie it evenly over the elastic band, closing it and tightening the knot tightly (so that the sticks fix firmly and do not fall out). You can tie small bows .

Decor Candles 9

Decor for candles 10

Step 3. Decor of the average candle.

To decorate the third candle, choose the branches of larch.

Decor Candles 11

They have the desired aesthetic appearance, provided with relief buds.

We put two gum on the candle: bottom and top.

Decor for candles 12

We begin to place twigs under the elastic bands, mixing branches of different heights (for contrast).

Decor Candles 13

We get here such a construction.

Decor for candles 14

While twigs are not fixed hemp twine, they can still be trimmed, straightened.

We take two pieces of twine and tie them around the candle on the rubber string, hiding it. Twine need to tie very tightly to firmly fix the sticks. In this version we will not make any bows, so as not to interrupt the aesthetic effect from the “pimply” branches of larch.

Decor for candles 15

The result of decorating the candles with your own hands.

Decor for candles 16

Note: not all candles were decorated in the set: white candles favorably emphasize the decor of the candles adorned with natural materials.

A small box was found for the candles and repainted in white.

Decor for candles 17

In this box it is very convenient to carry candles.

Decor for candles 18

Such a decor is quite safe: the diameter of the candles is sufficient to ensure that natural materials do not catch fire from a candle flame.

Decor for candles 19

Decor for candles 20


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