DIY Home Decor – How to Make a flower out of Foam !

Snowdrop from fameirana home

With the help of today’s master class with a description and step-by-step photos, you will learn how to make the very first spring flower with your own hands – the snowdrop.

Prepare the following materials:

• Candle;
• tweezers;
• Floral wire;
• toothpick;
• Foamiran green and white;
• Artistic pastel of green color;
• green tap-tape;
• glue gun;
• Stamen and green pastel;
• scissors.

Before you start creating a flower, you need to make petal patterns. They will be of two kinds. The petals that will be in the middle have the shape of an elongated heart with a size of 1.5×0.8 cm. The outer petals will resemble a drop shape with a size of 2.5 x 1.5 cm.

Snowdrop from Foamiran 1

We circle each template three times on a white foamir and cut it out.

Snowdrop from Foamiran 2

We light a candle and warm up every little petal over it. They must acquire a three-dimensional form. It is better to take the petals with tweezers and do not hold too long to prevent the workpieces from deforming.

Snowdrop from Foamiran 3

The upper edges of the middle petals should be painted with a pastel of green color.

Snowdrop from Foamiran 4

We glue the stamen tightly to the end of the floristic wire. Then we paste it with three petals with a green edge. They should be approximately the same distance, and the stamen should lie in the middle of each petal.

Snowdrop from Foamiran 5

Snowdrop from Foamiran 6

Snowdrop from Foamiran 7

After that, we glue the petals of a larger size.

Snowdrop from Foamiran 8

Tape tape is fixed on the place where the bud began to form and tightly surround it several times. Gradually we go down the stalk. As a result, at the end we fix the tape tape.

Snowdrop from Foamiran 9

Snowdrop from Foamiran 10

Prepare several leaves from the green Foma. We arbitrarily cut out a pointed form approximately equal in length to the stem. We glue them on the foot of the snowdrop.

Snowdrop from Foamiran 11

Snowdrop from Foamiran 12

So simply the snowdrop from the fameiran is made. You can create a whole bunch of tender spring flowers .

Snowdrop from Foamiran 13

Snowdrop from Foamiran 14

Snowdrop from Foamiran 15

Snowdrop from Foamiran 16

Snowdrop from Foamiran 17


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