DIY Home Decor – How to Make a Handmade Candle out of shells !

Often from a vacation on the beach people bring home a souvenir seashells collected. These shells have a high decorative properties, but not many of them know how to adapt to the desired job. I suggest to try creatively to make their own hands a candle or vase decorated with just such shells. The process of creating these crafts is very simple, and therefore to cope with it and a child.

Candle made of shells with their own hands the main

Candle made of shells with their own hands

We need:

1. Glass jar, 0,1-0,3l or more.

2. Clay, 1 pack.

3. Shellfish, well washed and dried.

4. Decorative beads and beads, if any.

5. A small round and flat candle. If there is no spark, you can make a bowl for storing small things like coins or for dry bouquets.

6. Wool thread corresponding color.

Candle made of shells with their hands 1

Before starting work:

1. Preferably, the bank select interesting shape to and candle (or vase) looked original. Well under the proposed version crafts suitable jar with a narrowed neck.

2. First we need to clean up the bank, get rid of the labels and dry it.

Stages of work:

1. Take a piece of clay, it is necessary to properly stretch it to become softer, and applied to the can wall so that the clay layer was approximately 0.2-0.3 cm thick, not less. Too thin a layer will not hold the shell and it will fall out.

Banks do not have to apply the clay to the threads. You can also leave clean the bottom and walls of 3-4 cm from the bottom. This will provide an opportunity to further decorate candle future, for example, falling asleep on the bottom of the colored stones and the remains of shells. Color plasticine also does not matter.

For example, on my bank I used colors from yellow to black.

Candle made of shells with their hands 2

2. After the Bank is completely covered with plasticine, we begin to attach the sink. In this case, the spark was chosen decor called “Orchid”, that is the future spark their appearance will resemble the flower .

Starting with the smallest, seashells sharp edge is pressed against the wall, starting from the center of banks, that is, from the place where the later will be the center of the flower. In this form the outline of a flower.

In the photo, it looks like.

Candle made of shells with their hands 3

Candle made of shells with their hands 4

This work does not require a long time, but the closer barnacles attach to each other, the better. In this case, it is best to observe the principle of the least to the greatest: that is, the largest shell is better to leave at the end of the work to “flower” petals look more natural.

Thus, the pattern forming. Shells should diverge from a central point around the “flower”.

Candle made of shells with their hands 5

Once the front wall is formed banks “flower”, with the petals which either from above or from below clay is not visible (as shown below), to proceed to the next step.

Candle made of shells with your hands 6

Candle made of shells with their hands 7

Candle made of shells with their hands 8

Of course, you can stop here and do not even cover the rear of the suspended clay banks. After all, to get a “flower” and so looks pretty impressive. But if the shell did not end there, and a lot of time, you can cover the entire surface of the shells banks. In this case, it is best to continue the “flower”. In the photo below you can see how seashells neat circle closes around the banks:

Candle made of shells with your hands 9

In this work with shells and clay over.

3. The Center received a “flower” to attach a suitable clay bead.

4. At the bottom of the banks, if the clay and shells did not close its bottom, pour the remains of decorative stones and shells.

5. After that you need to decorate the thread that first left untouched.

If you prefer to crafts in the form of vases , the thread can be neatly and tightly wrap the matching colored woolen threads, beads strung on them, or beads.

But can complicate the job. To do this, take a small flat plug, remove the aluminum stand and cut along the edge so that the candle firmly into the opening of the village banks. Next it is also necessary to wind the thread thread, and the very candle can be decorated with beads: to put on a candle original drawing, as shown in the pictures below.

Candle made of shells with their own hands 10

Candle made of shells with their own hands 11

So, the candle (or vase) ready. As you can see, nothing complicated in its creation is not. This is a simple and effective way to use the shells and thus create their own hands is something new and certainly useful.


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