DIY Home Decor – How to Make a Vase With Pasta !

Recently we made flowers from pasta , today we will make vases from pasta for flowers or just for decoration.

Vase from pasta1. To create this beautiful vase from pasta with flowers, we need some curly pasta, an adhesive thermo gun, a cap of an unnecessary thermos, a paint tape, an aerosol enamel of completely different colors, cutters and a lot of desire and a little imagination.

Vase of macaroni

2. We need to paste macaroni in the form of scallops to the cap from the thermos with an adhesive thermo-pistol in the manner as in the picture:
Pasta and vase

3. Then it is necessary to lay the pasta in rows row by row.
Vases from macaroni

4. Now the next step we need to do is handle the basket. To do this, we spread the pasta in the form of scallops in 2 rows.

5. With the help of paint tape remove the threads of dry glue.
Vase with pasta
Vase from pasta

6. And now we can easily proceed to creating flowers. From macaroni in the form of scallops we will make here such camomiles.
Macaroni flowers

7. Cornflowers we will make from macaroni in the form of bows. To do this, it is necessary to split them with nippers in half, and then split each part in half. For the production of leaves we will use twisted pasta.
Flowers are made from pasta

DIY Home Decor – How to Make a Vase With Pasta !
Macaroni flowers

8. We vase the vase with an aerosol enamel in brown color. You can gild it with gold enamel. Flowers are better to make different colors. The core for chamomiles is made from crushed millet. Now it remains for us to paste all the flowers with a glue thermo-pistol to a rather hard wire.
Vase from pasta

These vases from pasta can be made with your own hands. Another try to read how to make roses from paper with your own hands and how to make a gun at home . Develop and create always something unusual.


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