DIY Home Decor – How to Make a Wreath out of Felt Leaves !

In the last article we did a garland , today we will create a wreath from the felt leaves. This article is primarily designed for beginners. As mentioned earlier, you can cut the leaves yourself, but it’s better to buy ready-made ones. Leaves of different shapes and colors, they can be glued, with the help of a hot glue gun, and sew together by thread. After the creation of the garland, this article will seem very simple and will take about thirty minutes.


Prepare this:

1. Felt leaves;
2. The basis in the form of burlap;
3. The marker;
4. A plate;
5. Adhesive gun;
6. Thread with a needle.

All prepared in advance. The material is not expensive and it’s easy to get it.

Venok-iz-fetrovyh-listev 1

Lay the leaves out of the felt in stacks.

Venok-iz-fetrovyh-listev 2

We take burlap, put a plate on it and circle it with a marker. It turns out a circle on which we will put the leaves.

Venok-iz-fetrovyh-listev 3

You can use a thread with a needle, but with the addition of glue. Then it will turn out very reliably and firmly.

Venok-iz-fetrovyh-listev 4

We put the leaves in a circle using different shapes and alternating them.

Venok-iz-fetrovyh-listev 5

First we make one layer, and the second one. Then it will be rich and beautiful.

Venok-iz-fetrovyh-listev 6

This tablecloth can decorate the table at the dacha.

Venok-iz-fetrovyh-listev 7

Venok-iz-fetrovyh-listev 8


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