DIY Home Decor – How to Make Handmade Decorative Lamp !

Today I will show a small country house craft, how to decorate a balloon with my own hands and show a step-by-step product on the photo and provide a description. If you have a similar old lamp, which looks ordinary in the kitchen, you can of course decorate it with your own hands. These lamps are hung directly above the table. For decoration, I will use circles of the same size from corrugated paper. The decor will be scaly, the smaller the circles of paper, there the scales are thicker.

How to decorate a lamp home

You can use adhesive tape or glue to fix the paper. I chose an adhesive tape, it will be easier for me to fix the paper.

So, we take here such a lamp that did not suit anyone in the cottage house and it was customary to decorate it.

How to decorate a lamp 1

Immediately seal the bottom hole, thereby the light will be a little duller.

How to decorate a lamp 2

We start to glue on one circle, from below. Paste the paper at the top.

How to decorate a lamp 3

Further we go on a circle. The bottom line is done completely and go to the line above.

How to decorate a lamp 4

Stick to the fact that the line went smoothly and neatly. Put the next circle on the previous one.

How to decorate a lamp 5

We continue in the same spirit. Closer to the middle, the luminaire increases in diameter, so more material will be needed.

How to decorate a lamp 6

The upper circles can be glued with glue, that would be imperceptible to scotch tape.

How to decorate a lamp 7

Here is almost finished decorating . The final step was left.

How to decorate a lamp 8

In the end, we make two rows, we put paper circles around each other .

How to decorate a lamp 9

Use paper of different colors for the three lights. You can alternate colors on the same decor, it will be very original.

How to decorate a fixture 10

It will be very difficult to remove dust from such articl


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