DIY Home Decor – How to Make Handmade Flowers out of Napkins !

Stylish interior design dictates fashion for crafts. Exclusive masterpieces are born from napkins and I’ll show you the master class .

For the production of flowers you need to choose the wipes of the desired color. The general appearance of the tree depends on their quality. Apply multi-layer napkins, they will give a magnificent product.

Tree of napkins

A pink tree made of napkins

will not only decorate your interior with your own hands , it will change the mood and style of the room, especially since making a tree of happiness from napkins, you can admire them more than one day. And also, you will become famous as an artisan.

Tissue tree

The skill of demonstrating your work to relatives and friends is considered a delicate moment in psychology, as you present your work and value for discussion.

Looking at the finished tree from napkins, we ask ourselves: ” How can you make such

flowers for an amazing craft? “.

Everything is absolutely easy and simple. Step-by-step photoinstruction will help you in interesting work.

Cooking material: 

 green wipes for leaves;
 for buds the desired color of napkins;
 glue (for convenience in the form of a pencil);
 the rope-tow;

Material for wood from napkins

Leaflets. Take a green napkin and cut into the length of the strip width of 5 cm on the side of the cuts every 3 cm. The incisions are easy to twist, as in the picture.

Napkin tree

Buds of roses. A strip for flowers, from a pink napkin is not cut off, but neatly tear off with hands (7-8 cm wide).

Rose from a napkin for a tree

After that, twisting the napkin, we form a tube.

Napkins and roses

For the splendor of the buds, it is possible to twist several strips of napkins layer by layer. The edges of the resulting twist open (gently turn), forming a flower, like a rose its petals. The base of the bud is constantly held and fixed by twisting.

Rose from a napkin

Finished leaves are lubricated at the base with glue. And glue to the bud at its base.

Glue to the rose

We cut off the rope-rope 30 cm. We fix one edge at the base of the flower, the second edge is wrapped with a napkin of green color.

Rose from pink wipes

We produce the desired number of such roses. It all depends on the splendor and size of the tree.
A tree of napkins is ready. Give it the desired shape. Allow to dry and decorate the interior of the room.

Tree of napkins

In addition to wood from napkins learn how to make a gun at home or crafts from kinder eggs . Be inventive craftsmen and all of you will get very beautiful.



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