DIY Home Decor – How to Make Snowflake out of Hot Glue !

New Year’s Eve makes many people think about how to make a snowflake . And, as a rule, they are made of paper in different ways: cut out, collected by separate elements in the technique of killing, make it voluminous, etc. We will use a somewhat unusual version of the master class of making snowflakes – from hot melt with a special gun.

Snowflake from glue home

Snowflake from glue

What you need to make a snowflake from glue, our “working set” is very simple:

– snowflake pattern, drawn on paper;
– a small frame for photography or ordinary glass;
– adhesive thermo-gun;
– Acrylic white paint;
– Sponsor for applying paint;
– Stationery knife;
– nail polish with sparkles (or any other sequins).

Snowflake from glue 1

Step 1.

Apply the heated glue to the glass.

First you need to place a snowflake pattern under the glass. The frame for the photo is convenient because under it it is very easy to fix the paper – in the process of work it remains fixed.

Snowflake from glue 2

Begin to apply glue in a thin trickle, leading from the ends of the snowflake (so that the end was a bit thicker).

Snowflake from glue 3

The glue freezes almost instantly – it is noticeable on the acquired unclear shade.

Snowflake from glue 4

The entire snowflake circuit is surrounded by glue.

Snowflake from glue 5

Step 2.

Separate the snowflake from the glass.

Separate the glass from the bottom of the frame – so it’s easier to remove the snowflake from the glass.

Snowflake from glue 6

To separate the snowflake from the surface of the glass will need a clerical knife. It can not be said that the glue is strongly adhered to the glass (it gets stuck to the paper and various polyethylene bags more), but in any case it is rather difficult to separate it with bare hands. The knife fits the best way.

Snowflake from glue 7

The snowflake is completely separated. Small stretching strings of glue can be left – they will gradually separate themselves.

Snowflake from glue 8

Step 3.

We are painting the snowflake.

We lay a snowflake on the surface, which can be dirty (newspaper, sachet, etc.), and proceed to painting sponge.

Snowflake from glue 9

Snowflake from glue 10

The paint dries for 20-30 minutes. To speed up the process, you can put the product on the radiator, lining the newspaper. But the temperature of the radiator should not be too high, otherwise the glue will soften.

After drying the acrylic paint, you can apply a layer of sparkles.

Snowflake from glue 11

Such snowflakes can be used as an independent decoration for a tree or window or as an element of composition.

Snowflake from glue 12

Snowflake from glue 13


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