DIY Home Decor – How to Make a Felt Baby Stroller !

In today’s master class we will make a wheelchair out of felt that can be presented by enclosing a gift with a congratulation on a newborn or making another one in blue in order to collect money for a boy and a girl at a wedding.

Stroller from felt
Felt Baby Stroller

To make a wheelchair we will need:

• very thick felt pink and white;
• paper;
• a piece of chalk;
• a ribbon of pink color 2 cm wide;
• white organza tape;
• white half-beads;
• stationery knife;
• scissors;
• glue gun;
• PVA glue;
• glue “Moment Crystal”;
• cutting mat;
• Compasses.

Please note that the thickness of the felt should be from 0.5 cm. Otherwise, the stroller simply will not keep the shape. If you still want to make a stroller out of a finer felt, then all the details have to be glued onto a cardboard of the same shape. Then the stroller will be more durable.

First cut out a paper circle with a diameter of 17 cm.

Stroller made of felt 1

We divide it in pencil into two identical slices and then break the upper part into sectors, as in the photo. The three right sectors are rounded.

Felt Baby Stroller
Felt Baby Stroller

Cut out the workpiece.

Stroller made of felt 3

Circle chalk twice on pink felt and cut out.

Stroller made of felt 4

Since felt has a property to creep, you need to process its edges. To do this, we glue all edges of each part with PVA glue and let them dry. So we do in the process of making the whole stroller.

Stroller made of felt 5

Now add the two pieces together so that the edges match. Lay out the tape and outline it from two sides.

Stroller made of felt 6

Inside this strip of chalk, we make 6 notches at the same distance with a stationery knife. Cut through two layers of felt.

Felt Baby Stroller
Felt Baby Stroller

We pass the tape in both parts, fixing the ends from the back side. This side will be internal in the stroller.

Stroller made of felt 8

Now cut out of the white felt two pieces, which in shape coincide with the delicate fragment from the template, only cut the edges to 0, 5 cm from the flat sides.

Stroller made of felt 9

We fix the workpieces in the upper part of the walls of the stroller, making indents from the edge.

Stroller made of felt 10

From paper cut out one circle with a diameter of 5 cm, and the other – 4 cm. We circle a large 4 times in pink, and a small one on white the same time. We cut out the blanks for the wheels.

Stroller made of felt 11

Do not forget to pre-process the edges and paste first pink circles, and then top white. Then apply a second to the finished wall and glue the wheel symmetrically.

Stroller made of felt 12

We decorate the walls of the stroller. We glue white half-beads and bows made of white organza.

Felt Baby Stroller
Felt Baby Stroller

Now with chalk dashed lines lead on the reverse side of the walls, retreating from the edge of 0.5 cm. Cut out a strip of 9×30 cm in size, we process its narrow edges with glue.

Stroller made of felt 14

Stroller made of felt 15

We apply the “Crystal” glue to the edge of the cut out workpiece and attach it strictly along the dotted lines starting from the edge of the wall. This glue is good because it dries quickly, absorbs very well and is hardly noticeable on the product, if you suddenly overdo it.

Stroller made of felt 16

Then we put on the other edge and glue the second wall of the stroller.

Stroller out of felt 17

Stroller made of felt 18

We cut out two identical handles for a stroller about 10 cm long and attach them under a slope to the inner walls.

Stroller made of felt 19

Then cut off a long strip 2 cm wide and attach its ends inside the stroller in the middle in its entire length. Beforehand, it is better to apply glue to the edges of the strip.

Felt Baby Stroller
Felt Baby Stroller

It turns out such a neat pink wheelchair, which can serve as a decor or for storing various memorabilia after fulfilling its direct purpose.

Stroller made of felt 21

Stroller made of felt 22

Stroller out of felt 23

Stroller made of felt 24


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