DIY Home Decor – How to Make a Panel out of Natural Material !

Recently, from natural material we made ekiban , and still a ring made of plastic , today we will make a wonderful panel – a picture.

In order to make a panel of natural material, we need: cereals, food, natural material, seeds.

Panel of natural material

DIY Home Decor – How to Make a Panel out of Natural Material !

1. Paint the veneer with acrylic paint, glue flowers along its corners. Petals of flowers make of seeds of a pumpkin, and a middle – from seeds of a string bean or a persimmon.

Panel of material

2. Make the following flowers from corn seeds and glue them in random order. You can glue them in a circle in the form of an ornament.

Catherine of natural material

3. Connect the flowers with small pasta or any natural materials (bylings, small twigs, needle needles).

Picture make

4. In the center of the panel of natural material draw a circle on the contours of which will be located a wreath of flowers. Collect the flower from any seeds you like. First you need to glue the circle with glue and lay out the outer circle of the petals, only then make a core.

Picture of a panel with your own hands

5. Arrange all the flowers in a circle, while decorating each of them in a different way, changing the combination of seeds all the time. For flowers you can use the following seeds: pumpkin, corn, watermelon, zucchini, mallow, pepper, melon and many others.

Of natural panel material

6. It turned out a very beautiful wreath of flowers. As the final element, you can make a butterfly in the center of the composition.

From panel material

7. Butterfly and frame also make from different seeds. Here is a magnificent panel made of natural material can be made by hand.

A panel of natural material with your own hands
A panel with your own hands

So our panel picture of natural material is ready. Try to make it out of transformer paper with your own hands.


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