DIY Homemade Accessories – How to Make Handmade Earring with Chain !

Ornaments, a very important part of the wardrobe of all girls, many prefer to change them every day using this jewelry, so to say jewelry from different materials. In the last article, we learned how to make bracelets out of threads , and today I’ll tell you how to make earrings yourself while being at home.

Earrings with your own hands

There are a large number of different options to make earrings yourself and many materials, we will make earrings from black braid and chains.

Here’s what we need:

 Round  nosed, conventional or for jewelry.
 The chain.
 Braid, currently black.
 Shvenza (this is the part of the earring that clings to the ear).

Material for making earrings

How to make earrings by yourself at home.

1. It is necessary to cut off two pieces of chain, which are equal in number of links. We connect the two edges of each chain with a metal link.

Chains of fucking earrings

Make earrings yourself

2. Now cuts the wire, slightly longer than the chain, and also cuts the braid, it is also longer than the chain. Do not regret, it is better to cut off longer.

Wire for earrings

Braid for earrings

3. Further it is shown by arrows how to tape in each link. Do not forget to thread the wire, and then wrap it with tape.

Make earrings

Thread the braid in a chain

Make earrings yourself


Earrings do it yourself

Earrings at home

4. The last step is to cut off the tips of the wire and braid, but before that, make sure to make a small knot or twist of wire and a small knot of braid. Hide these knots inward, that would not be visible. Then we catch shvenzy and everything, a question how to make earrings by own hands is solved. You can make earrings of different colors, depending on the braid.

How to make earrings

Make earrings yourself

Earrings with your own hands at home
In addition to earrings with your own hands, try making postcards from colored paper with your own hands or a panel of natural material .


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