DIY – How to Make a Bow with Satin Ribbon !

If you need to decorate a gift or clothes, then learn how to beautifully tie a bow from a satin ribbon and attach it there. This will take us about thirty minutes, the time to buy the material and its preparation is certainly not taken into account. The homemade can make even beginners in this sphere of creativity and children of school age on works or in creative circles.


Material needed to create:

– Three ribbons of different widths;
– Hairpin;
– Thread or thin rope.

We will prepare the material and proceed to the execution. When you train, you can tie these bows very quickly. One important point is to follow the instructions and do each step the same as the step-by-step description. This is important, as many do not follow this and then the product is not what it should be.

Krasivo-zavyazannyj-bantik-iz-atlasnoj-lenty 1

We take the widest ribbon and add both edges to the middle.

Krasivo-zavyazannyj-bantik-iz-atlasnoj-lenty 2

Now we take one more wide ribbon and in the same way we turn it, as well as the previous one. We put the tape one on top of another, retreating one and a half centimeters, as shown in the picture.

Krasivo-zavyazannyj-bantik-iz-atlasnoj-lenty 3

Then, carefully knit the two blanks together with a thread or a thin rope.

Krasivo-zavyazannyj-bantik-iz-atlasnoj-lenty 4

Now take a thin strip and cross the two edges, making a small bend in the middle.

Krasivo-zavyazannyj-bantik-iz-atlasnoj-lenty 5

Then we raise the crossed place above, to the center, thus forming a bow.

Krasivo-zavyazannyj-bantik-iz-atlasnoj-lenty 6

Fix it. Tie a thin rope or thread the smallest bow. In order that he did not fall apart.

Krasivo-zavyazannyj-bantik-iz-atlasnoj-lenty 7

Now take the smallest piece and put it on top, on the big one. Try to fold them evenly.

Krasivo-zavyazannyj-bantik-iz-atlasnoj-lenty 8

We banded two bows with the help of the thinnest ribbon.

Krasivo-zavyazannyj-bantik-iz-atlasnoj-lenty 9

On the inside of the craft, for the tape that you bandaged the bow , attach the hairpin. Use jewelry can be for hair or worn on clothes as brooch. To make the craft appear original, use bright colors of ribbons or polka dots.


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