DIY – How to Make a Cocktail Umbrella !

If you like to do unusual cocktails and decorate them as something extravagant, that will tell you how to make a mini umbrella with his hands. This easy hack and necessary for bartenders and people who are addicted to drink. But such crafts can decorate not just a cocktail, as well as any children’s crafts in an appropriate style.


We need:

1. Toothpicks;

2. Colored paper;
3. Clay;
4. Shears;
5. Punch;
6. Long wooden sticks.

To begin, cut out from a paper base for the umbrella , then small circles on top. Cut off from the main part of a small piece, it should be made for the fact that to the work piece has taken the form of an umbrella.

Kak-sdelat-zontik-dlya-koktejlya 1

Punch, do a small hole. A pre-glue vershinku a circle of paper .

Kak-sdelat-zontik-dlya-koktejlya 2

That’s how we connect the two ends of the workpiece and glue. Harvesting should be fixed on a wooden stick.

Kak-sdelat-zontik-dlya-koktejlya 3

Take a toothpick and a small piece of paper rectangular shape. Curl it in quilling techniques.

Kak-sdelat-zontik-dlya-koktejlya 4

Glue it on top of putting the tip of the wooden stick and pasting.

Kak-sdelat-zontik-dlya-koktejlya 5

Umbrellas ready, these DIY can make some crazy a lot and quickly.

Kak-sdelat-zontik-dlya-koktejlya 6

Most importantly pick the right paper with drawings.

Kak-sdelat-zontik-dlya-koktejlya 7


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